SiteObservers: A Comprehensive Monitoring Solution for SMBs

SiteObservers becomes the first monitoring service provider company to offer fully featured service at 100% free all-in-one monitoring for all sized businesses.

logoWith the advent of the internet, e-commerce and m-commerce, the Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) s have noticed unprecedented growth due to access to the new business arena in the domain of mobile apps, web based apps, e-commerce/m-commerce services and many others.

A large number of SMBs uses websites, web and mobile applications, business process tools, and other automated software components to offer their services and products to the customers via the internet. The performance of those online applications directly impacts the achievement of business goals of the companies. It has been observed that revenue of online businesses is very seriously impacted by the following factors.

  • Availability
  • Response time
  • Customer experience

The optimization of these factors is a continual process always, and need a very close monitoring of these factors through the best monitoring tools available in the marketplace. The close monitoring, instant reporting, quick fault diagnosis, and prompt action improve the performance parameters and subsequently the customer experience. The customer satisfaction is directly proportional to the desired business revenue, which is possible by using the best cloud monitoring services available on the internet.

  • There are numerous monitoring service provider companies in the marketplace that offer specific monitoring services, which are better only for certain uses and business processes. Some of those services focus on some particular applications and services, while the others target special segments of the online businesses or so. Normally, the SMBs suffer from budget crunches and technical expertise; therefore, it is not feasible for them to opt for such random services.

SiteObservers monitoring service is one of the most comprehensive and consolidated platform that offers the complete solution to SMBs of all sizes and sectors. It offers a wide range of monitors types (over 17 and counting) that are capable of monitoring, reporting, testing, and analyzing all factors related to website, application, server, network, database and the other segments of online business provisioning. Those monitors are powered by highly rich-features, powerful drill down functions, reporting schemes and instant alerts. Monitoring of the performance of all your business processes, websites, and online tools can be done through different kinds of monitors – Availability Monitors, End User Experience Monitors, and Server/Device Monitors – on a single cloud platform.

SiteObservers allows to monitor your websites, web based applications, software applications, mobile websites, web services, and different servers and network protocols – FTP, DNS, Email, Linux, Windows, SQL, Web and HTTP – through dedicated monitors and allied features. It offers automated web testing functions and root cause analysis (RCA) function to provide a deeper perspective on the website issues for the SMB entrepreneurs. A wide range of complimentary services is also available to create great customer experience for the valued customers.

Features & Capabilities

SiteObservers offers several features and service capabilities that are not only unique, but also very productive for SMBs to achieve their business objectives, as given below:

  • Free basic monitoring service such as free website monitor, free server monitoring, free application monitoring, free web transaction monitoring and others
  • A comprehensive cloud platform for testing, monitoring, and infrastructure management for mobile and web applications.
  • Smart notifications configuration options to send notification and alert to the desired person or a group.
  • Emulation and automated testing of real user interactions to assess the users’ browsing experience.
  • Monitoring of servers, software platforms, databases and networks via highly efficient monitors.
  • Easy to use and manage different monitors on an intuitive, attractive and unified control panel.
  • Monitoring of the web and mobile applications, and websites from multiple geographical locations across the globe.
  • Capability to configure the service level agreement (SLA) criteria to automate the performance levels.
  • Monitoring of mission critical processes of both Windows and Linux servers from within the firewall and security.
  • Capability of server monitors to monitor numerous parameters such as Memory, CPU, and Disk Usage, and Network I/O parameters.
  • Powerful drill down options to have much deeper insight into the factors impacting the performance of the monitored applications
  • Unique root cause analysis RCA capability in each monitor
  • World class customer support with the fasted turnaround time.

Pricing Plans

SiteObservers offers three competitive and affordable pricing schemes that are professionally designed to accomplish the needs of all sized SMBs, as given below:

  1. Free Account
  • 100% free all-in one monitoring
  • Access to all monitors types
  • World class customer support
  1. Pay-As-You-Go Account
  • Full features enabled
  • Monitoring checks based charging ($0.0001/check)
  • No long term contract
  • Online instant support
  1. Prepay Account
  • Up to 20% discounted rate per check
  • Credit never expires
  • Use it when you need it.

It is very important to note that the whole platform has been developed to accomplish all needs of an SMB entrepreneur for managing his/her online business at very flexible and reasonable price. In the nutshell, SiteObservers cloud based monitoring services offer the features and capabilities that no other service provider offers on a single comprehensive platform.

Note: The basic account offers free all-in-one monitoring for everybody body without any time limit.

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