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A professionally selected and technically optimized combination of WordPress plug-ins plays instrumental role in achieving the desired business as well as commercial goals of a WordPress website.

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Nowadays, millions of SMBs and large corporations are using WordPress Content Management System or (CMS) platform as one of the most powerful tools to realize their business objectives on the internet. The availability of a large number of WordPress plug-ins is the major strength of this platform. More than 37 thousands WordPress plug-ins are available for download to enhance the performance, security, content management, user experience, website management, and many other major functions of a WordPress website. According to WordPress statistics, over 937 million downloads have already been recorded for these plug-ins, and the number is counting. Meanwhile, the number of existing websites powered by WordPress has crossed 74 millions.

It is a very tricky to answer the question that which WordPress plug-ins should be used on my website. It depends on the priorities and desired features that a webmaster wants to use for his/her website. Every plug-in is designed to provide specific features, capabilities and function related to security, reliability, discussions, performance, and user experience. In this article, a general approach to choose the most fundamental WordPress plug-ins has adopted to help webmasters make their decisions easily.

Top 10 WordPress plug-ins for a reliable and professional WordPress website are given below.


1.   WordPress SEO by Yoast

wordpress SEO logoEvery webmaster wants his/her website to be one of the most visited website on the internet. To make it happen, he/she needs to optimize your website for search engine. One of the best ways to optimize your WordPress website is to use WordPress SEO by Yoast. It is complete SEO solution for a WordPress website. It allows you to add descriptions and titles of an article, open graph Meta data, and many other SEO functions. You can also do page analysis and publish sitemap in XML to make your website more SEO friendly.


2.   Soliloquy

Soliloquy logoThe slider is one of the mostly used functions of WordPress websites. It provides great features and capabilities to create professional looking videos and image slides. Normally, sliders reduce the performance of the websites but, Soliloquy is designed to improve the quality of images/videos without compromising on the performance of your website. It is also available in both paid and free versions.


3.   WooCommerce

Woocommerce logoWooCommerce is one of the most powerful WordPress plug-ins available on the marketplace. It owns over 24% of existing ecommerce market share on WordPress websites. It has already recorded 7.8 million downloads and successful commercial operation on over 663 thousand websites. It offers highly rich features such as support for all kinds of products – soft and hard products –, bundled with many popular payment methods, support for shipping and inventory management, support for affiliate marketing, detailed oriented reporting, tax deduction and many other commercial and technical features.  It has hundreds of professional level extensions and themes for all types of technical, commercial and logistical needs. It is a complete ecommerce solution for WordPress websites available to download for no charges.


4.   W3 Total Cache

W3 total cache logoIf you are concerned about your website performance and SEO effectiveness, you should use W3 Total Cache plug-in for your WordPress website. It offers many functions and capabilities that help you improve the performance and speed of your website such as setting browser catches, page cache, compressing pages for faster downloads, static file content delivery network and other options. This plug-in is also helpful in achieving the desired SEO results through improved speed and performance of the website.


5.   BackupBuddy

Backupbuddy plugin logoIn today’s dynamic web ecosystems, it is very important to backup your data and website on a very regular basis to avoid any kind of serious damage. BackupBuddy is very helpful plug-in that allows you to backup your website and data both instantaneously and repetitively on the scheduled timings. This plug-in also supports multiple providers of data backups in the cloud such as Amazon, Google Drive, DropBox and others. It also provides an option to back data on the corporate/on-premises platforms. This tool is very simple and easy to use on all WordPress powered websites.


6.   Login Lockdown

Login Lockdown logoIt has been observed that many hackers attempt WordPress websites through unlimited login attempts to functionally disable your website to respond or to steal your admin credentials. It is very important to limit the login attempts for better security and website reliability. The Login Lockdown plug-in is very powerful tool to prevent malicious attempts via multiple login hits. This plug-in allows you to specify the number of login attempts and then lock down the administrator area to avoid malicious attempts.


7.   Sucuri

Succuri plugin logoSucuri WordPress plug-in is very useful and efficient security related tool. It offers a comprehensive security solution to avert any kind of denial of service DoS attacks on your website. It offers real time scanning and real time alert systems to make sure that your web administrator is intimated about the threat on-time. This plug-in is also capable of removing malware from your websites in real-time environment without allowing the website performance to deteriorate.


8.   AdSanity

Adsanity plugin logoAdSanity is a very powerful advertisement management plug-in that offers many features and functions related to commercial ads on your website. It is very simple and easy to use and create new ads via AdSanity. It allows you to add time-bound and unlimited-time ads on different sections of your WordPress website. You can create ads in posts, sidebars, and pages. It also allows you to create ads that will display for a certain period and then vanish away. A powerful statistic feature is also available to provide information about the statistics related to the specific advertisement.


9.   Disqus

Disqus Plugin logoDisqus is a comment system plug-in for WordPress websites. It is designed to provide great features, user experience and security to both the commentators and the web admin. This is very useful plug-in that allows users to login with multiple social network IDs such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook and others to establish a transparent and reliable relationship with the readers and commentators. It is very simple and easy to use for readers that comment, respond or vote for a certain comment.


10.   ThirstyAffiliates

Thirstyaffiliates plugin logoA large majority of small businesses use affiliate marketing as a fundamental tool for their sales. The ThirstyAffiliates is one of the best link cloak and link management tools in the present marketplace. It is very simple and easy to configure, and manage large affiliate marketing projects via ThirstyAffiliates. It offers many features such as link cloaking or link shortening function, custom URL prefixes, easy link embedding in the posts, No-follow/Do-follow options and many more.

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