Explosive Growth in Mobile Website Monitoring to Hit the Market Shortly

An industry grade monitoring service is intensively needed to help entrepreneurs optimize more than 46% non responsive web designs, and over 40%websites without mobile optimized store locators for a gigantic market of about 1900 million mobile internet users.

Mobile apps statisticsIf we look at different aspects of our present internet-based business marketplace, we find some of very astonishing facts about online sales, marketing, eCommerce, and revenue of different businesses across the globe. The number of mobile users has surpassed the desktop users in a gigantic multi-billion eCommerce global market, which is projected to top $626 billion by 2018. It has also been found in the latest researches that more than 26% of online purchases are searched and initiate directly from mobile apps. The market share of mobile-apps sale will cross $76.5 billion by the year 2017. The total number of mobile apps on all online stores is over 3.7 million; the number of Google Play apps account for 1.5 million followed by Apple App Store with 1.4 million apps.

Similarly, the online marketing and eCommerce statistics are also very mind boggling that the mobile clicks are now more than 50% of all clicks on the internet. The current retail-sale through mobile devices is over 40% of the entire global online sales. A research conducted by eConsultancy suggests that a large number of retailers have very weak online presence; more than 40% of their websites are not optimized for mobile store locator, more than 28% websites don’t have Android app, and 30% of those websites don’t have iOS app. A huge ratio of as much as 46% of those websites doesn’t have support for responsive web designs. The speed and performance of many online businesses, especially SMBs is not satisfied to meet the tight industry KPIs (key performance indicators). In such situation, an explosive growth in performance monitoring of mobile websites and mobile applications is predictable without any doubts.

In this article, we are going to discuss the major reasons for the expected growth in mobile website monitoring services. Some of the major factors are given below.

Mobile Overtakes Desktop Shopping

Mobile vs desktopAccording to the ComScore market research, more than 55% shopping activities are conducted through mobile devices such as Smartphone and tablets; likewise, some other researches also suggest that by 2015 the ratio of shopping through mobile devices will cross the desktop shopping. To cater such a huge customer demand for mobile websites and mobile apps, a large number of online retailers need new websites that support mobile browsing efficiently. Many online stores will develop their mobile apps and run them for their online sales. All these applications and mobile friendly websites require professional grade monitoring services for their mobile websites and mobile applications. So, a huge demand of application monitoring and mobile website monitoring is just round the corner.

Mobile Traffic More than One-Third of Total Online Traffic

A Kleinger Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) 2013

The landscape of online traffic is changing drastically after the advent of smart phones and high speed mobile internet technologies. Highly capable smartphones are available in the marketplace that support not only high speed internet technologies, but also numerous mobile apps that include a wide range of online mCommerce applications related to entertainment, shopping, education and many others. The increase in mobile traffic is going exponentially with the passage of every month. This fast growth in mobile traffic forces the online businesses and entrepreneurs to monitor the performance of their mobile friendly websites and mobile application to increase the customer satisfaction, and subsequently the company revenue.

$626 Billion eCommerce Market By 2018

ecommerce iconAnother important factor that forces the entrepreneurs to make their online presence fully mobile friendly through websites and mobile applications is the gigantic volume of online eCommerce market, which is expected to cross $626 billion mark by 2018. According to a research conducted by Capgimini, the ratio of mCommerce is increasing very rapidly with current share topping 40% of all retail sales. The market is becoming very volatile and competitive with every passing day, and the customer demands are increasing very aggressively. To maintain the customer satisfaction and create value for them, it is highly required to monitor the performance of mobile websites and mobile applications; so, a large increase in the demand of mobile application monitoring services is about to happen.

Aggressive Growth in Mobile Apps

mobile appsThe current number of mobile applications of all types of platforms is over 3.7 million and counting at very fast pace with every passing day. The increase in Android and iOS applications has changed the scenario of how to use internet through mobile. The contribution of these two types of applications – Android and Apple – is over 78.3% of the entire mobile apps market share. The number of mobile applications of other platforms is also increasing rapidly. This massive increase in mobile applications will require enterprise level mobile application monitoring services to track the performance of these applications. Thus, a huge growth in the application monitoring service is expected shortly.

Mobile as a Driving Force in Travel/Tour Industry

Android phone clipartTraveling and Tourism is one of the biggest global industries that account for more than 3.7% of global GDP. According to the Statista Research, the total contribution – direct, indirect, and induced – of traveling and tour industry to the global economy is about $7.58 trillion. So, the mobile devices are dominating in different industries especially in those industries where mobility is a major factor such as traveling and tour industries. In these industries, mobile tweaked websites along with mobile apps play very important role to generate revenue and maintain smooth operation of the businesses. It is a huge industry where mobile applications and mobile websites need to be monitored for better performance to create value for the targeted customers. Like other major industries, the increase in demand of application monitoring service is very natural in this field too.

There is a sizable number of application monitoring service providers in the marketplace that offer industry grade services to all sized businesses. To learn more about the enterprise level free mobile website and application monitoring service click here.

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Top 10 Useful DevOps Platforms for Startups/SMBs

All in one business methodologies like DevOps platforms help startups and SMBs to successfully achieve business sustainability and higher return on investment (ROI) in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace.  

DevOps logoSmall businesses always try to manage all business processes with minimum resources due their budget constraints. To achieve thier objectives, they opt for resource-multitasking, strong collaboration, effective communication and knowledge sharing at all levels of business operation. All processes of a business such as software development, testing, quality assurance, and operation are integrated in a way that maximum business results are achieved at a very minimal cost and time. A large number of DevOps platforms have been deployed in different industries for business automation, especially in the software development based business models; those platforms are successfully fulfilling the desired purposes for all sized businesses, especially for SMBs.

In different surveys, it has been found that by virtue of DevOps platform implementation, business process failures have reduced by 50% and the speed of software code deployment also increased considerably. Owing to those facts, a huge growth of DevOps adoption has been recorded in 2014. Chef DevOps platform recorded as much as 70% growth in its sales in year 2014, and Puppet Lab also recorded a substantial growth in its business growth. It has also been predicted by the industry experts that this trend of fast adoption of DevOps will continue in many years to come.

In this article, we are discussing top 10 DevOps platforms that have successfully established their strong presence in the marketplace.

1.   Atlassian Connect

AltassianAtlassian is a very well known name in the domain of collaboration software platforms. It launched its new DevOps tool named Atlassian Connect in 2014. This tool – in association with its supporting software – offers powerful automation and collaboration for software developers to develop, test and implement the code on this consolidated platform very fast and easily. This platform is achieving a regular growth in both the SMBs and large enterprises sectors equally. This platform has got the support of other Atlassian products such as Atlassian Git Essentails and Atlassian Marketplace that makes it more productive and useful for businesses.

2.   Chef

ChefChef DevOps platform is a very popular name in the industry of software development and process automation. It has a large support for different cloud infrastructure providers such as AWS, Rackspace, VMware, MS Azure, Google, IBM, Docker, Juniper Networks and others. The Chef Automation platform allows fast software development, testing and deployment to properly manage security, flexibility, and scalability of the systems. Chef is already in collaboration with MS Azure to provide automation capabilities to its cloud infrastructure. New frameworks such as Chef DK, Knife Plug-in, Chef Metal & Action, Docker Support and others have also been included in both of its commercial and open source platforms to attract the large sized IT companies. In 2014, Chef has recorded a substantial growth of over 70% in its DevOps platform sales. Chef is available in both the open source and commercial versions.

3.   Puppet Lab

Puppet DevOpsPuppet Lab is a very well known name in the field of DevOps to automate the configuration management of all sized organization. Puppet lab tool is available in both open source (free) and commercial versions. This platform offers a comprehensive automation of IT infrastructure life-cycle. The major tasks accomplished by this platform at different stages of infrastructure lifecycle include application management, orchestration, service provisioning, reporting and others. Puppet Lab also offers training and certification to the qualified professionals who have achieved the required level of skills. Puppet uses a domain based simple programming language that allows easy management of infrastructure and configuration for the enterprise customers. A newer version of this platform has been released in 2014 that has additional reporting and management capabilities.

4.   Jenkins

Jenkins DevopsJenkins is an open source platform for continuous integration server that is built in Java language, and available for free. The current release of this platform is 1.619. There is a huge library of supported plugins that offer numerous functionalities and features to build and test any IT project. The current number of its plug-in is over 1058 and counting. Its capability to offer continuous integration services for software development lifecycle is very popular in different industries across the globe. This platform offers great flexibility and freedom to build and implement the codes very easily and effectively. This platform supports different projects written in almost all languages. A comprehensive support for different databases is another salient feature of this platform.

5.   Ansible Tower

AnsibleWorksAnsible Tower, a consolidated and comprehensive automation platform was launched in 2014 to offer enterprise-level solutions for configuration management, application deployment, and orchestrations. It is an open source solution with very advanced level features and capabilities; the main features include real-time configuration output, simple user interface, new command line UI, and support for different cloud platforms such as Google Compute, MS Azure, and VMware. This platform also supports RHEL 7 and CentOS 7. Recently, the company has announced Ansible Tower AMIs tool to support different deployment options. This platform supports human readable automation language to offer fast automation solution for all sized businesses. It is an agent-less platform and uses SSH to provide robust security and reliability.

6.   SaltStack

SaltstackSaltStack is an industry grade IT infrastructure and code development automation platform. It was first launched in 2011. The latest release of DevOps version of this platform is Salt 2014.1.0, which was released in 2014. It is considered as one of the biggest releases in the industry with as many as 7085 commits. The main features of this platform include full application orchestration for all types of VM, OS, code, application/container, continuous code deployment, app monitoring and auto healing feature, and support for ITOps and CloudOps. New release of Salt supports different cloud platforms such as SoftLayer, Google Compute Engine, MS Azure, Docker management, BSD management, and Ubuntu/Debian management. Salt makes the software development, testing, and deployment very simple and easy with full flexibility and freedom. It saves a lot of time and resources during the entire software development lifecycle.

7.   Vagrant

Vagrant DevOpsVagrant is a very efficient and effective virtual environment of software development for all kinds of businesses and developers. It is a very lightweight and simple to install and use. Vagrant is available in both open source and proprietary releases. It was first established in 2010. This platform is developed in Ruby on Rail language and supports all industry standards and best practices. It offers a consistent development environment for whole team, and allows testing and integration of the application with different provisioning tools such as Puppet, Shell script and others. It supports all popular operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux. It has numerous features for different roles such as operation engineer, developer and others.

8.   Splunk

Splunk DevopsSplunk DevOps was released in 2014. The main focus of this platform is on mobile app developers and online security experts. It provides a consolidated collaborative platform for both the developers and the security experts to monitor the behavior of the application, and its security status and modern threats. Splunk released its latest enterprise version 6.2 recently to make DevOps more pervasive across the industries. It is very simple and easy to use for managing different types of data related to mobile application. This platform offers DevOps teams a deeper perspective on whole software system to know about the failures, bottlenecks, and causes of faults.

9.   TeamCity

Team City DevOpsTeamCity is a very powerful tool for continuous integration and deployment suitable for professional developers, managers, build engineers and web administrators. It is available in two – professional and enterprise – versions; professional version is free for ever and enterprise version is a paid version and available to choose at any time. TeamCity platform is written in Java language, and has more than 100 plugins available to choose from. Numerous functionalities and features can be achieved through the use of those plugins. TeamCity offers an open API to develop any new plugin for any new customized feature and business needs.

10.   ServiceNow

ServiceNow DevOpsServiceNow offers a wide range of business process automation features to manage IT operations, custom application development, and business process management. A very fast paced development of business application has become possible through ServiceNow automation platform in a very short span of time. It allows customers to develop, test and deploy and even modify software applications at a very fast speed; thus, increasing software development efficiency and business effectiveness. It has launched a very powerful tool called as App Creator, which allows users with limited programming knowledge to create custom applications for their business needs. According to IDC research, ServiceNow help achieve as much as 449% of ROI within as low as 7.4 months payback period.

The close coordination and collaboration of operations teams with the development teams create efficiency, speed, quality and business effectiveness. The operations team can better contribute to company business by using professional grade application monitoring services. To get more information about all-in-one free server, website and application monitoring service, click here.

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Useful Tips – How to Improve Performance of Your Linux Environment?

Consistent monitoring of hardware resource-utilization and performance of different processes help you figure out and improve bad performing areas of your Linux environment.

LinuxLinux is one of the most popular operating system in the public server domain and the enterprise environments where the security, performance, robustness, cost, and reliability matters a lot. Linux is an open source operating system that was developed back in 1991 and released under general public license GNU. Since its first release, many different versions and its replica have been developed. The major operating systems that are based on Linux platform include Android, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and others. Linux leads the server market with over 36.72% share followed by different versions of Unix OS. A whopping share of 97% in supercomputer market is held by Linux operating system. The mainframe market share of Linux OS stands at about 28%; while in the desktop and laptop market, Linux has a very low share of about 1.34%. More than 54% of smart phone and other handheld devices run on Android, which is a derivative of Linux OS.

In an industry grade environment, the performance of Linux operating systems matter a lot because Linux machines are responsible for handling many mission critical processes that directly impact the revenue, reputation and business survival of the companies. You can improve the performance of your Linux environment through different activities such as:

  1. Proper monitoring & correcting of server parameters
  2. Optimizing server configurations
  3. Optimizing third party applications’ configurations

In this article, we are going to discuss about some major tips that are handy in improving the performance of Linux environment; a few of those major tips are listed below.

  • Consistent Monitoring

Consistent monitoringIt is the first and most important thing to monitor the performance of your Linux environment on a regular basis to track any kind of issues or under-performance of different processes and parameters. A few very important commands such as sar, vmstat, free, iostat, top and others are very useful to manually check the parameters of server performance on a regular basis. The checking of performance of your Linux server can also be done through a cloud based sever monitoring service. SiteObservers is one of the best such server monitoring service option available in the marketplace.

  • Turn-off Unnecessary Services

Linux servicesLinux operating system comes with numerous features, capabilities and services that are not used by everyone; therefore, it is very important to turn off those services that are not in use such as Xfs, Autofs, Apmd, Sendmail and others. By turning off unnecessary services, you can save a lot of RAM and CPU utilization, and subsequently can improve server performance considerably.

  • Disable Unused Modules and Control Panels


Linux server environment supports multiple cloud based control panels, and different modules such as FrontPage support and others. Disable all unnecessary modules and control panels such as Plest, Cpanel and others. You can also enable them when they are required via very simple step by step procedures. By disabling control panels and other software modules, you can improve RAM utilization as much as about 30% or even more.

  • Keep System Updated

Updates symbolIt is highly recommended to keep Linux kernel parameters as well as other software up to date to enhance the performance of your Linux environment. Always customize the default parameters of Linux OS as per the requirements of your own environment; thus, you can improve server performance substantially. Meanwhile, always keep implementing the newly released patches available in the marketplace to boost the system performance.

  • Tuning of Network Functions

tuningLinux environment supports both IPV4 and IPV6 versions and other features related to the network performance. If you are not using IPV6 then disable it and also tune up the transmission control protocol TCP to improve network performance, which will, subsequently improve overall performance of your OS environment. You can set larger TCP data size for that purpose.

  • Appropriate Apache Configuration

apacheIt is very critical to configure Apache and other such modules properly to improve the performance of the Linux environment. Make sure that Apache is using the proper volume of memory; you can save RAM up to 40%, if you properly configure Apache according to the “MinSpareServers” & “StartServers” directives. You can also regularly keep Apache performance under monitoring, and make desired changes in configurations that improve the performance.

  • Proper MySQL Configuration

MySQLDatabases are very fundamental components of an entire Linux or other OS environments; a proper allocation of server resources can improve the performance of whole Linux environment. It is very important to allocate adequate memory cache size for MySQL to make sure no bogging down of database at larger requests takes place. You can also decrease the cache size, if not required.

Other than above mentioned main tips, you can improve the performance of Linux environment by many other small/big activities such as, tuning up virtualbox, disabling GUI, optimizing cache directories, over-clocking the memory, optimizing boot speed, reducing system logging activities and others.

To have a clearer and deeper perspective on your Linux environment, you can use enterprise level monitoring service to monitor the Linux and related software’s performance. To learn more about the enterprise grade free cloud based Linux monitoring service click here.

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Top 5 Strategies for SMBs to Secure Their Online Businesses

A close monitoring of online resources, strong password/access management, security awareness, and backup plan to cope with any untoward situation make a strong base for cyber security of an online website.

Security strategyThe think-tank at Washington Post estimated that the annual cost to the global economy due to cybercrime and espionage stood at around $445 billion in the year 2013-14; while, McAfee estimated the annual loss to the global economy between $375 billion to $575 billion. Only the United States of America sustained over $100 billion loss due to cybercrimes followed by Germany that lost over $60 billion during the same period. In the United States, more than 69% US executive of fortune 500 companies are worried about the adverse impact of cybercrimes on their business growth. In the United Kingdom more than 87% of small businesses reported that they sustained cyber-breaches that caused an average annual loss of about $100,000.

Owing to these eye opening facts pertaining to cybercrime and espionage, it is very imperative to have a very strong and properly carved cyber security policy in place to avert any unseen business losses. Most of the online small and medium sized businesses depend fully on their one source of income that is online website; any kind of mishap or security breach on their websites can lead to very disastrous business losses. Therefore, to make your small online businesses more secure and robust, take very strong strategic steps to establish powerful security system. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 security related strategies to make your online business more secure and reliable.

1.   Website & Plugin Monitoring

MonitoringIt is very important to note that security is not a one-time task but, it is a consistent and regular process that runs on 24x7x365 basis. The most important strategy for an online security is to have a very close monitoring of your online resources such as website, applications, mobile apps, plugins, servers and others. There are many enterprise level monitoring services and tools available in the marketplace to track the performance/health of your online website, and the associated plugins. A large number of SMBs normally use WordPress, Joomla, and other content management platforms for their online businesses. So, you should opt for a professional grade monitoring service that can monitor not only website/server health but also the plugins and other accessories added to the websites. SiteObservers  all-in-one free monitoring service is first of its kind that offers WordPress plugin monitoring along with many other monitoring services. You get instant information about any kind of issue or cyber attack on your website/service; thus, you can act instantly to avert any big loss.

2.   Regular Backups


Nowadays, the cyber-crimes and espionage has become so sophisticated that even a very powerful security plan can fail sometimes. In such conditions, the backups of your data and online business are the only way to save you from big business losses. It is recommended for SMBs by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) that all important data should be backed up on different computers through automated/manual processes on regular intervals. The critical data may include spreadsheets, HR files, financial files, accounts (payable/receivable), word processing files, and databases. Any kind of loss of data due to cyber attack can be restored with the latest data backed up on your local computers or on cloud storage. The regular backup reduces business losses to a very minimal level.

3.   Strong Device Protection Policy

device protection

The internet ecosystem is changing very rapidly; new concepts are replacing the legacy systems and ideas. Mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones, laptops, and many others have brought about the concepts of bring your own device (BYOD), internet of things (IoT) and other such ideas. In such situation, the security of devices has become very critical. The following steps are necessary for a strong device protection policy:

  • The password protection policy should also be very strong based on predefined management strategy.
  • There should be a policy in place to change all passwords after certain period of time.
  • There should be security software installed on the devices that are used by the company employees so that any kind of data leakage should be tracked and avoided.
  • All customers and business partners should be restricted from accessing critical business data through security policy.
  • There should be a very strict policy to download any third party application or software on word devices so that any malicious code is prevented to intrude into online business systems.

4.   Contingency Plan

contengency planFor a small business, it is very difficult to make a very comprehensive enterprise level contingency plan for security threats but, they can do make a realistic contingency plan within their own limited resources. For a reliable small business emergency plan take the following steps:

  • Make sure that at-least one technical resource is available at a very short notice. Hiring technical resources through freelance workplaces is better option due to low cost and diverse time zones.
  • Always keep a complete step by step procedure to recover, and restore the website, server, apps, and other online resources.
  • Make a complete checklist of all actions and activities that are required to restore the business operations.
  • Find out the detailed root cause of the problem and its remedies, and document them properly for the future use; that will minimize your downtime in the future.

5.   Regular Updates

Regular updatesLast but not the least is the regular updates of all kinds of IT resources such as operating systems, applications, web platforms, plugins, supported browsers, antivirus software, and any other application or software used for business processes. A small business should make a habit to check updates on a regular basis or automate (wherever possible) the updates checking process through software tools, and as soon as any update or patch is released, the newer version should be immediately updated to avoid any malicious attacks. Large corporations have many tools that check and update all software resources of the company automatically but, for small businesses, it is not possible to bear such extra expenditures.  There are some online services available that can check the versions of your plugins and alert you for any new update released in the market.

It is very clear that all strategies need immediate information about your existing system and its health to properly implement the desired security policies. Enterprise level monitoring service provides you with the instant information about the health of your website, application, server, and plugins. So, to get more information about free website/server monitoring service, click here.

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Top 5 eCommerce WordPress Plugins

The best eCommerce WordPress Plugins are known by virtue of their shopping features, ease of use, market price and value added capabilities useful for all sized businesses.

All online platforms – one way or the other – are heavily influenced by electronic commerce. No platform can survive in the fiercest ever competitive marketplace without the support of eCommerce features and capabilities. It is a very complex and costly to integrate an independent eCommerce platform with your WordPress website. Thanks to WordPress plug-in developers who made the things easier through the development of eCommerce plug-ins for WordPress platform. There are numerous eCommerce plugins available in the market for free as well as for small monthly charges. I am going to introduce you with the best eCommerce WordPress plugins that have established themselves in the marketplace through their rich eCommerce features, powerful value-added capabilities and competitive price plans.

Five most popular and highly featured WordPress eCommerce plugins are given below.


Woocommerce websiteWooCommerce is one of the most popular and widely used eCommerce plugin in the eCommerce marketplace with over 8.3 million downloads. The market share of this plugin is about more than 24% of all online stores on the internet.  It offers numerous top of the line features that make your eCommerce website one of the best eCommerce sites suitable for both the customers and the vendors. WooCommerce plugin is powered by numerous premium themes to customize your websites according to your business needs. Another important aspect of this powerful eCommerce plugin is that it is available for free. It offers many features related to inventory management, shipping, coupon system, payment methods, and many kinds of reports. You can sell different products through this powerful eCommerce plugin such as digital downloads (software), entertainment items (subscriptions/memberships), and physical products. WooCommerce is very easy to use through intuitive interface both at the front-end and back-end.

WP eCommerce

WP eCommerceWP eCommerce is an easy to use WordPress eCommerce plugin that is free to download and use for your online store. It offers numerous eCommerce features and capabilities such as coupon options, shipping options, inventory management, promotional solutions, numerous payment options, sales and inventory reports and many others. You can also purchase add-ons for many premium eCommerce features of this powerful eCommerce plugin. It has been in the market for over 7 years with more than 0.75 million active installations and over 3 million downloads till now and counting. You can customize your online store through HTML and CSS customization capabilities offered by this plugin. This WordPress plugin supports multiple types of items such as digital downloads, physical items, subscriptions and others.


JigoshopJigoshop is another popular WordPress eCommerce plugin developed by a UK based web agency. It is very easy to use via an intuitive interface powered by over 30 customized and featured premium themes. It is a free plugin to download and use; you can also purchase the advanced eCommerce features and capabilities through add-on options. The major features of JigoShop plugin also include powerful support for SEO, latest marketing tools, and simple inventory management powered by numerous types of reports. It has been downloaded for as many as 0.46 million times and powers thousands of online stores. The free version comes with latest features related to inventory management, data import and export, coupons options, payment options, and featured reports.


Shopp websiteShopp is simple and flexible eCommerce WordPress Plugin used by thousands of online stores. It is a lightweight and an SEO friendly plugin. It offers numerous eCommerce features such as customer accounts, catalog management, multiple images, discounts, payment options, detailed reports and others. This plugin is powered by McAfee security to offer highly secure eCommerce environment for both the customers and the merchants.  The limited version of this plugin is available for free to download and use, but for additional features you need to purchase the pro version of this plugin for $75 per month.

Cart66 Cloud

Cart66 websiteCart66 Cloud is one of the secure and reliable eCommerce WordPress plugin, which is available for $95 per year. It also offers a trial period of 14 days for new customers. It has over 8000 active installs and thousands of downloads to its credit. The paid version of Cart66 Cloud is a complete eCommerce solution that offers all features and capabilities required for a professional level online store. You are not supposed to purchase add-ons or upgrades once you bought Cart Cloud Pro. The major features of this eCommerce plugin include shipping, promotional options, taxes, multiple currencies, order management, discounts and many others. You can sell all types of products such as digital downloads, physical items, memberships, and subscriptions.

All eCommerce WordPress plugins are the fundamental tool to showcase items and generate revenue for online stores or eCommerce website; therefore, it is very imperative to take special care about its health and performance. To keep a close eye on the performance of WordPress eCommerce plugins, you need an enterprise level WordPress plugin monitoring service. To get more information about a free WordPress plugin monitoring service, click here.

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Top 10 Amazing Statistics about WordPress CMS

The astounding statistics about WordPress CMS platform, Plugins, Themes, Traffic, Search Results, Market share and other factors are enough to provide you with the details of unknown strengths of WordPress.
Wordpress download counter snapshotThe power of WordPress is very well known to everybody associated with the domain of information technology (IT) and the internet. But, the depth of its power can only be fathomed with the help of real world statistics of this popular content management system CMS, and its associated users, contributors and its accessories. If you deep research about different facts and figures about the WordPress, you would be able to find out very surprising statistics that speak much louder than just words spelled out about this powerful CMS platform. In this article, we are going to find out top 10 such statistics about WordPress CMS, and will suggest how you can use WordPress monitoring service to benefit from the power of WordPress platform.

1.   Over 37 Million Monthly Keyword Searches

Keyword search plays a very vital role in today’s modern marketing, SEO, sales, and online business. The more popular the keyword the more business associated with that particular keyword. The keyword ‘Wordpress’ is searched by over 500000 times a month only in the United States. The global search-count of other keywords associated with the basic keyword “Wordpress” is over 37 million a month and counting. This search count of WordPress is many times higher than Joomla, and Drupal CMS.

2.   About 75 Million WordPress Powered Websites

WordPress is the most powerful CMS platform that powers over 74.9 million websites across the globe. More than 50% of those websites are hosted on wordpress.com platform. The total number of WordPress powered websites is about 24% of all websites on the globe! As far as the share of CMS platforms is concerned, WordPress owns as much as 60.3% of it.

3.   51 Supported Languages

As the leverage of WordPress expands on the domain of IT, the number of supported languages has also increased very rapidly during the past few years. The current count of international languages that are supported by WordPress for translation of websites stands 51, and the number is counting on regular basis. Now, the people who speak top 51 languages can see WordPress website in the own native languages.

4.   WordPress.com Awesome Statistics

The wordpress.com website hosts over 50% of WordPress powered websites. The number of websites hosted on this official platform is over 37.4 million. This huge platform is maintained by a staff as small as just 283 employees. WordPress.com is considered as the most powerful website hosting platform on the internet. It gets more than 126 million unique visitors per month that is much higher than the number of visitors on Amazon website.

5.   14.7 Billion Monthly Blog Views

WordPress websites receive more than 14.7 billion views a month across the globe. More than 17 posts are published in every second on WordPress websites and thus, the number of posts per day stands over 1.5 million posts! Around 6 posts are published every second on WordPress.com platform only. Thus, the total number of posts posted on WordPress.com is over 7.5 million annually.

6.   About 29000 WordPress Plugins

The most powerful base of WordPress popularity is its library of plugins and themes. The current number of WordPress plugins stands around 29000, and it is growing very fast on a regular basis. One new plug-in added with every passing hour. The tentative number of total downloads of these plug-ins is around 952 million, and this number is also increasing very fast on a regular basis. A large number of contemporary WordPress themes are another attraction of this CMS platform.

7.   About $50/Hour WordPress Expert Wages

A WordPress developer can earn as much as about $50/hour. WordPress offers a large number of jobs to different kinds of WordPress professionals. As much as 25% of WP users are associated with it for full time to earn their livings. Thus, a large number of developers are earning substantial amounts of money for their brighter future. So, the WordPress CMS is a powerful indirect employer globally.

8.   Over 46 million WordPress Downloads

According to wrodpress.org statistics, more than 46 million downloads have already been recorded for WordPress CMS platform. The current number of downloads of WP 4.2 version is over 20 million and it is counting very fast. The number of downloading counter is ticking at a speed of hundreds of downloads per hour. A large number of WordPress websites are up to date with the latest versions of the platform.

9.   Over 150 WordPress Versions

Till today, more than 150 versions of WordPress have been released since its first release in May, 2003. The release of versions has been very consistent during the past 13 years without any interruptions or any big issues with the exiting releases. Other than the complete versions, the source code of WordPress is updated more than 60-80 times a day that makes thousands of updates of WordPress CMS every year. A very active staff of WordPress synchronizes these updates with the code available on WordPress.org website on a daily basis to make sure people get the up to date and latest versions, patches and updates of this platform.

10.   Top downloaded Plugins

There are many top plugins that have been downloaded multi-million times, and have active installations in millions too. Among such multi-million downloaded plugins, Akismet tops all of the other plugins. Akismet has been downloaded for more than 24 million times. It has over 1 million active installs. Akismet is a very powerful spam protection plug-in that protects spam comments very effectively. Other most downloaded plug-ins include Contact form 7, WordPress SEO by Yoast, WooCommerce, Google Analytics for WP, All in one SEO Pack and many others.

If you are looking for starting up a new WordPress website or want to improve the performance of your WordPress website and its plugins, you should consider the regular monitoring of WordPress plugins through an enterprise level all in one monitoring service. To know more about free WordPress plugin monitoring services click here.

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Top 10 Benefits of Using WordPress CMS Platform

SEO friendly, eCommerce capabilities, zero upfront cost, lowest operational cost, fastest return on investment ROI are the major attractions for every sized business, especially small and medium enterprises to select WordPress for their websites.

Benefits of WordPressIf we look at the existing fortune 500 companies’ websites, WordPress stands top of all other platforms, and so is the case for other websites all around the globe. Why people use WordPress at this amazingly high ratio? What are the major considerations for an effective website of any business? And what are the benefits of using this platform to such an extent? These are a few very critical questions, which we are going to discuss about in this article.

The major consideration of a businessman or an enterprise is always to have low cost, reliable, scalable, flexible and powerful website that can fulfill all modern requirements of an online business effectively. The effective online-presence with full modern features of business processes helps the enterprises earn the desired competitive advantages over their competitors, and subsequently the better profit margins. WordPress is one of the most powerful CMS platforms that offer numerous benefits for all sized businesses to achieve the sustainable business growth.  The top 10 benefits of WordPress CMS platform are given below:

  1. Powerful present & Bright Future

WordPress is on top of the list in the current global statistics of websites and their platforms. Tens of millions downloads have already been recorded on WordPress’s official website till today, and the number is counting in thousands on a daily basis. Since its inception, more than 100 versions and thousands of updates have already been released that clearly indicates the powerful present and bright future of WordPress platform in the domain of web development.

  1. Open Source Free Code

Before the introduction of open source codes, IT was the most expensive domain for every business to think about but, the open source codes made it free for every small business, and startups with limited budget to benefit from the latest technologies. WordPress is an open source code, and free under GPL to use, modify and distribute that reduces the initial cost to almost zero.

  1. Compatible with All Business Types

Initially, the WordPress CMS platform was started for blogging websites back in 2003, but with the passage of time, it transformed into a comprehensive CMS platform, which is compatible with all kinds of businesses and industries. It adopted all positive and progressive changes with the help of plugins and themes that qualifies it as a unified platform for all businesses.

  1. Search Engine Friendly Codes

The WordPress code is developed in accordance with the recommendations and guidelines of different search engines, especially the Google search engine. The WordPress articles are very effective in getting found on Google and other search engines easily. WordPress is also capable to announce any new content automatically on the internet for different search engines. It has capabilities to develop sitemap and other recommended features for better visibility of the website on Google and other search engines.

  1. Quick Return on Investment ROI

There are hundreds of cloud based operators that offer WordPress hosted solutions through their control panels within a few clicks. You can use the most suitable theme and desired plug-ins to start your website within a few hours. You can add your products or services, start search engine optimization, get instant traffic and earn money on your investment within a very short span of time. You are not supposed to wait for long years by going through numerous technical, commercial and legal procedures to get return on your investment.

  1. Scalability & Flexibility

WordPress is one of the most flexible CMS platforms owing to its modular contour powered by numerous themes and plugins. You can enhance any desired features or capabilities of your WordPress website by adding desired extension within a few minutes. You can upgrade or reduce your cloud-hosting related resources within minutes to adjust your use of resources with the required demand. It allows you full flexibility and freedom for any changes on your website as well as in your online resources.

  1. Low Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost of WordPress is either zero or very low. You can get fully managed WordPress free service, choose for low-priced plans, or opt for a completely self hosted WordPress website for a very low maintenance charges. You can maintain your WordPress website yourself if you have some basic knowledge of the same. Overall maintenance cost of a WordPress powered website is very low.

  1. Simple & Intuitive Interface

WordPress is very easy to use due to its very simple and intuitive interface. It has a very simple dashboard from where you can manage your whole website through very simple and intuitive procedures. You can create new articles or other type of content very easily through powerful editing and html tools available on the control panel.

  1. Multiple Admin Access

WordPress allows you to add multiple administrators to manage your website from multiple geographical locations across the globe. There is no restriction on the number of administrators. This offers flexibility and cost efficiency by hiring any administrator from any part of the world at very cheap hourly rates through outsourcing organizations or freelance websites.

  1. World Class Support

Thousands of enthusiasts, designers, developers, administrators and other supporters are out there on the internet to provide help on any kind of WordPress issues related to codes, performance, plugins, themes or any other problem from across the globe. There are numerous forums and support platforms where you can get instant support for any problem you face while working with the WordPress platform.

To properly benefit from the available advantages of WordPress, you need to monitor the performance of your WordPress website and its plugins. To monitor all types of WordPress plugins, you need a unified WordPress monitoring solution that can provide you all in one WordPress monitoring service for free. To get more information about free WordPress website monitoring click here.

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How WordPress Helps Small & Medium Sized Businesses?

Open source software, low price site building options, scalable functionalities, and extended flexibility are the major contributing factors of WordPress towards the limited budget SMB enterprises.

Wordpress & SMBsWordPress platform has become the choice CMS platform for all sized small and medium businesses across the globe. Owing to this attraction for SMBs, the current share of WordPress websites is over 23.8% of all existing websites globally, and the share of CMS market is over 60.4%, and it is growing at a very fast pace on a regular basis.

Certainly, there are very good reasons behind such a big achievement of WordPress in the online internet marketplace. The main reason behind this popularity of the platform is its support to small and medium businesses to help kick start their online presence without spending any big money. WordPress offers professional grade website features, enterprise level security and reliability, and low cost hosting services for all kinds of SMBs that have certain budget constraints. In this article, we are going to discuss the major WordPress factors that contribute to the SMBs in establishing and operating their online businesses at very affordable overheads.

Free Platform (Under GPL)

WordPress is a free content management platform that is available under general public license GPL to use, modify and distribute the source code. The small and medium businesses normally have budget constraints to purchase software and their updates. WordPress helps them to release that pressure on their budgets by offering free platform and associated updates. This gives a big boost to startups and existing SMBs in the marketplace. Any small businesses can easily modify the source code as per their business needs, and also share the same with others under the same terms and conditions defined in GPL agreement. The availability of free resources such as source code and its extensions provide sufficient room for SMBs to grow steadily without spending substantial money.

Numerous Free/Low-Price Extensions

Thousands of extensions – Plug-ins & Themes – are the real power of the WordPress CMS platform. There are thousands of contributors in developing such a gigantic library of free as well as low priced extensions for WordPress platform. At present, the WordPress plug-ins library has swelled over 37,000 while the number of contemporary themes is also about 3 thousand. The major contributors of themes include Woo Themes and others. There are a huge number of contributors that have substantial contributions in the development of the most powerful and contemporary WordPress plugins, especially for eCommerce, security, performance, marketing, SEO and other technical and commercial domains. Any small business with a limited budget can set up their free website and use the most powerful plug-ins and themes to make it highly professional looking for their target segment of the market, and then earn a substantial amount of money for a very little expenses. This qualifies the WordPress as an attractive choice for SMBs all over the world.

Extensive Hosting Options

Another powerful reason for the growth of the WordPress platform is the availability of numerous options for hosting of the website either free or at very low prices. Any small business can host its website for free on www.wordpress.com by choosing the hosted versions of WordPress. It is a fully managed service and entrepreneur is not required to manage the technical aspects of website hosting at all. You can also choose for the advanced plans at very reasonable prices to get more control over the technical features of your hosted website. Meanwhile, it is always an option to run a self-hosted WordPress website with full control and independence to work with the technical and commercial aspects of your website. Many providers of cloud based hosting services offer numerous options for WordPress hosting solutions at very affordable price. So, you get numerous options to host your WordPress website as per your business needs.

Support for Multiple Business Categories

Initially, the WordPress CMS platform was designed to use for the blogging websites, but later on, it has transformed into a complete commercial solution for all kinds of businesses, especially online eCommerce businesses. A huge number of business specific, and industry specific plug-ins, themes and other extensions have been developed to cater the latest demands of businesses in the marketplace. The scope of WordPress platform increased tremendously with the help of new technical developments contributed by the powerful contributing community of the WordPress platform. Any small business – belonging to any type of industry or domain of business – can get help via many suitable plug-ins and themes directly related to their industries or domain of business. Thus, all SMBs get big support from the WordPress platform.

Strong Support-Community

There are many forums and technical support blogs available, where a huge number of technical gurus share their ideas and provide technical support to different types of technical and other issues related to WordPress platform. You can find thousands of discussions and articles already in place on those forums. You can also ask your questions by registering with those support forums and websites. Technical strong community is always available to provide the required help to any user of the WordPress platform and the associated extensions. Strong support makes the WordPress platform as one of the most popular choices of SMBs and web developers.

In today’s modern commercial world, you need to make sure your website runs smoothly round the clock, and all its WordPress plugins are working as per desired criteria. For this purpose, you need very powerful WordPress plug-ins monitoring service to make sure that your website and its plugins are running smoothly. For a free enterprise-level unified WordPress plug-in monitoring service click here.

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Top 5 Reasons of WordPress Growth

Flexibility, simplicity, rich features,  gigantic library of WordPress plugins and themes powered by a strong support of a large technical community make the WordPress one of the most growing Content Management System CMS in the world.

wordpress logoBlogging has become a very popular source of information and discussion across all types of communities all over the globe during the past decade. WordPress Content Management Platform CMS has established itself as a leader in the development of blogging websites. The current market share of WordPress is around 24% of all websites on the internet. The share of WordPress stands at 60.3% of all websites that use any CMS platforms available in the market.

There are many strong reasons behind this phenomenal achievement in this fiercely competitive environment where many CMS platforms are already in the marketplace. No doubt, visionary leadership, strong developer’s community, powerful features, and flexibility to adjust to the changing blogging landscapes are very fundamental to make it happen. But, I am going to figure out some major factors – other than the above mentioned integral components – that attract the users to significantly use this platform all over the globe.

1.   User Friendly Platform

WordPress platform is considered as the CMS platform of customer choice due to its simplicity, easy-to-install and user friendly interface to interact with the content in multiple formats. It is very simple to use through an intuitive control panel/dashboard. Any new user would feel very comfortable with the admin area as well as with blogs or posts that he/she is interested in. The adding of any new post, news, discussion or any other types of articles is very easy and simple through the user friendly dashboard of this platform. You can easily change the theme of the website to make it more suitable to your personal choice of website design and outlook. It is very simple and easy to add thousands of plugins and themes available to make your website suitable for achieving your business objectives.

2.   Strong Library of Plug-ins

One of the most important reasons for WordPress growth is its huge library of plugins. The number of available plug-ins is over 37 thousand and counting. There is a huge number of plug-ins that is free to download and use without paying anything that makes it even more attractive for SMBs with budget constraints. These plug-ins help make your wordpress website suitable for any kind of commercial use such as eCommerce, marketing, education or others. A large number of eCommerce and marketing plug-ins have been developed to make your wordpress website a powerful online store to sell all kinds of products. These plug-ins help web administrators to customize their websites in terms of security level, flexibility, performance, SEO and other day to day functions.

3.   Powerful Support for eCommerce

Ecommerce is one of the most powerful aspects that have changed the landscapes of blogging and other online activities drastically. Online shopping, online marketing, and SEO are a few very important factors that contribute directly to the concept of ecommerce. WordPress management and its contributors are very well aware of this conception that no CMS can survive without strong support for eCommerce. To make WordPress a powerful platform, many contributors have developed numerous plug-ins related to online shopping, marketing and search engine optimization tools; many of them are available for free that attracts many new customers to this fast growing CMS platform.

4.   Attractive Themes

The background and designs of the website have always been instrumental in attracting and retaining the visitors on the website. To cater this need, WordPress community has developed numerous themes to help design your website in accordance with the technical and aesthetic rules. It is very easy to use any desired theme on your website to orchestrate with the needs of your business. An attractive website always retains many customers, and the proper usages of the SEO factors help attract more visitors to your website.

5.   Flexibility & Reliability

WordPress offers a huge flexibility in terms of security, customization of your website, background themes, website designs and many other factors. A huge library of plug-ins and themes allows WordPress website administrators to choose the custom level of different functions and activities to make their websites fully in synch with their business needs and desired bottom lines. It has been observed that WordPress provides a high level of availability, problem resolution support through forums and many other features that make it one of the most reliable platforms available in the marketplace.

Using the best and most suitable plug-ins especially eCommerce plugins on your website contribute tremendously to your business goals. To keep a close eye on the performance of your WordPress plug-ins, it is highly recommended to use the enterprise level monitoring services to keep your business generating revenue without any technical interruption. To get more information about a free wordpress plug-ins monitoring service click here.

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Top 10 WordPress Plug-ins

A professionally selected and technically optimized combination of WordPress plug-ins plays instrumental role in achieving the desired business as well as commercial goals of a WordPress website.

Wordpress Plugin icon

Nowadays, millions of SMBs and large corporations are using WordPress Content Management System or (CMS) platform as one of the most powerful tools to realize their business objectives on the internet. The availability of a large number of WordPress plug-ins is the major strength of this platform. More than 37 thousands WordPress plug-ins are available for download to enhance the performance, security, content management, user experience, website management, and many other major functions of a WordPress website. According to WordPress statistics, over 937 million downloads have already been recorded for these plug-ins, and the number is counting. Meanwhile, the number of existing websites powered by WordPress has crossed 74 millions.

It is a very tricky to answer the question that which WordPress plug-ins should be used on my website. It depends on the priorities and desired features that a webmaster wants to use for his/her website. Every plug-in is designed to provide specific features, capabilities and function related to security, reliability, discussions, performance, and user experience. In this article, a general approach to choose the most fundamental WordPress plug-ins has adopted to help webmasters make their decisions easily.

Top 10 WordPress plug-ins for a reliable and professional WordPress website are given below.


1.   WordPress SEO by Yoast

wordpress SEO logoEvery webmaster wants his/her website to be one of the most visited website on the internet. To make it happen, he/she needs to optimize your website for search engine. One of the best ways to optimize your WordPress website is to use WordPress SEO by Yoast. It is complete SEO solution for a WordPress website. It allows you to add descriptions and titles of an article, open graph Meta data, and many other SEO functions. You can also do page analysis and publish sitemap in XML to make your website more SEO friendly.


2.   Soliloquy

Soliloquy logoThe slider is one of the mostly used functions of WordPress websites. It provides great features and capabilities to create professional looking videos and image slides. Normally, sliders reduce the performance of the websites but, Soliloquy is designed to improve the quality of images/videos without compromising on the performance of your website. It is also available in both paid and free versions.


3.   WooCommerce

Woocommerce logoWooCommerce is one of the most powerful WordPress plug-ins available on the marketplace. It owns over 24% of existing ecommerce market share on WordPress websites. It has already recorded 7.8 million downloads and successful commercial operation on over 663 thousand websites. It offers highly rich features such as support for all kinds of products – soft and hard products –, bundled with many popular payment methods, support for shipping and inventory management, support for affiliate marketing, detailed oriented reporting, tax deduction and many other commercial and technical features.  It has hundreds of professional level extensions and themes for all types of technical, commercial and logistical needs. It is a complete ecommerce solution for WordPress websites available to download for no charges.


4.   W3 Total Cache

W3 total cache logoIf you are concerned about your website performance and SEO effectiveness, you should use W3 Total Cache plug-in for your WordPress website. It offers many functions and capabilities that help you improve the performance and speed of your website such as setting browser catches, page cache, compressing pages for faster downloads, static file content delivery network and other options. This plug-in is also helpful in achieving the desired SEO results through improved speed and performance of the website.


5.   BackupBuddy

Backupbuddy plugin logoIn today’s dynamic web ecosystems, it is very important to backup your data and website on a very regular basis to avoid any kind of serious damage. BackupBuddy is very helpful plug-in that allows you to backup your website and data both instantaneously and repetitively on the scheduled timings. This plug-in also supports multiple providers of data backups in the cloud such as Amazon, Google Drive, DropBox and others. It also provides an option to back data on the corporate/on-premises platforms. This tool is very simple and easy to use on all WordPress powered websites.


6.   Login Lockdown

Login Lockdown logoIt has been observed that many hackers attempt WordPress websites through unlimited login attempts to functionally disable your website to respond or to steal your admin credentials. It is very important to limit the login attempts for better security and website reliability. The Login Lockdown plug-in is very powerful tool to prevent malicious attempts via multiple login hits. This plug-in allows you to specify the number of login attempts and then lock down the administrator area to avoid malicious attempts.


7.   Sucuri

Succuri plugin logoSucuri WordPress plug-in is very useful and efficient security related tool. It offers a comprehensive security solution to avert any kind of denial of service DoS attacks on your website. It offers real time scanning and real time alert systems to make sure that your web administrator is intimated about the threat on-time. This plug-in is also capable of removing malware from your websites in real-time environment without allowing the website performance to deteriorate.


8.   AdSanity

Adsanity plugin logoAdSanity is a very powerful advertisement management plug-in that offers many features and functions related to commercial ads on your website. It is very simple and easy to use and create new ads via AdSanity. It allows you to add time-bound and unlimited-time ads on different sections of your WordPress website. You can create ads in posts, sidebars, and pages. It also allows you to create ads that will display for a certain period and then vanish away. A powerful statistic feature is also available to provide information about the statistics related to the specific advertisement.


9.   Disqus

Disqus Plugin logoDisqus is a comment system plug-in for WordPress websites. It is designed to provide great features, user experience and security to both the commentators and the web admin. This is very useful plug-in that allows users to login with multiple social network IDs such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook and others to establish a transparent and reliable relationship with the readers and commentators. It is very simple and easy to use for readers that comment, respond or vote for a certain comment.


10.   ThirstyAffiliates

Thirstyaffiliates plugin logoA large majority of small businesses use affiliate marketing as a fundamental tool for their sales. The ThirstyAffiliates is one of the best link cloak and link management tools in the present marketplace. It is very simple and easy to configure, and manage large affiliate marketing projects via ThirstyAffiliates. It offers many features such as link cloaking or link shortening function, custom URL prefixes, easy link embedding in the posts, No-follow/Do-follow options and many more.

It is highly recommended to use the best WordPress plug-ins on your wordpress website and monitor those plugin through professional wordpress plugin monitoring services. To get more information about free wordpress plugin monitoring service click here.

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