Monitoring of IT Change Management – An Ignored Area & Its Impact on SMBs World

Proper implementation and monitoring of IT change management policy increases operational transparency and reduces the leakage/wastage of valuable resources drastically.

Change managementThe Change Management (CM) is one of the fundamental components of all industry best practices, project management methodologies – PMBoK, Prince2, and others –, and many other management tools. The project managers make sure that any kind of change or modification in the processes, activities or functions is properly recorded, documented and communicated to all stakeholders. This reduces inconsistency in the project processes, and consequently the project cost. The case of IT operations is also similar to this one; you need to take special care to monitor the change management in the IT resources to enhance the efficiency and reduce the operational cost on a regular basis.

Current Facts & Figures

facts and figuresIn the real-world industry environment, the situation is not encouraging in terms of the monitoring of IT change management especially in the small and medium business world. According to the Netwrix Inc research report 2015, the small businesses have only 42% IT change management policy in place, while the ratio in the medium sized businesses is just little over 52%. This study further revealed that just 58% of the all types of organizations have IT change management control in place. A startling figure, which this study revealed is that the above given figures are about 2% below the figures recorded in 2014. The decline of change management control policies is SMBs is over 3% as compared to the previous year’s figures.

On the other hand, the 80% of the companies that have IT change management policies in place document the changes properly for future reference or help. In the field of IT change documentation, SMBs lag far behind the large corporations. The documentation of IT changes in small, medium and large organizations was recorded as 73%, 77%, and 90% respectively in the 2015 survey.

Impact on SMBs

Bad impact on SMBsEither an irregular IT change management policy or a complete absence of it will impact adversely on the performance of both the operational staff and the organization itself. It has been found in the Netwrix research 2015 that, more 67% of the organizations irrespective of their IT staff team-size have suffered outages due to either unauthorized or incorrect changes in the IT systems. This ratio is even worse in case of corporations that accounts for as much as 73% of downtime associated with wrong/unauthorized configurations. Many SMBs are directly dependent on the IT services of large organizations; thus, the impact automatically multiplies on the performance of SMBs.

It is very imperative that the change is only thing that remains intact always universally. It is a universal phenomenon with the universal impact. The main things that change in the IT operations and monitoring environment include technologies, processes, functions, IT staff, business performance, market trends, IT trends, and others. If those changes handled improperly would result in the wastage of valuable resources, a damage to the company reputation, and subsequently substantial business losses. A few points of this impact are given below:

  • The configuration and operational mistakes will take place
  • The information of the system will remain confined to certain staff members
  • New staff would be helpless, if proper documentation of the procedures, events, activities and norms is not available
  • In efficient handling of emergency situations
  • Huge rework takes place to increase the operational cost
  • Huge risk of customer dissatisfaction
  • Inefficient use of available valuable resources
  • Problems in audits and industry certifications
  • Possible increase in the future business risk

In the nutshell, SMBs should focus on the IT change management by adopting different monitoring mechanism; one of such mechanism is the cloud based IT unified monitoring service that include website monitoring, server monitoring, application monitoring and plugin monitoring. It helps them to provide sufficient information to devise and implement the change management policy. To know more about such an enterprise level free cloud based unified monitoring service, click here.

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Top 5 Cloud Monitoring Service Providers

The best cloud monitoring service providers offer great features, customer oriented solutions, flexibility, competitive prices, and free all-in-one monitoring for customer’s assessment.

Performance snapshot.

If we look at the expanding arena of the internet world, we will notice an explosive growth of many kinds of mobile/web applications, new websites and special purpose servers. The performance and security of these websites, apps and servers are two fundamental factors that every administrator and business owner focuses on. To cater the increasing demands of security and performance related concerns, numerous cloud based monitoring services have already started, and many new are aggressively entering into the marketplace on a regular basis.

In such circumstances, it becomes very tricky for an administrator to figure out the best cloud monitoring service provider that offers desirable features and fulfills the business requirements. This article will be very useful for those system/network administrators as well as for the SMB entrepreneurs who are looking for good monitoring service provider. In this article, top five cloud monitoring service providers have been selected based on the features, capabilities, flexibility, support, and price they offer.


SiteObservers is one of the best cloud-based monitoring service providers that offer multiple general and special purpose monitors – Availability Monitor, Server Monitor, Network Monitor, User Experience Monitor, and others – with great features, capabilities and pricing plans. It offers free all-in-one monitoring service without curtailing the fundamental features of the supported monitors. SiteObservers is first in the market that offers all supported monitors for free such as free application monitoring, free website monitoring, free server monitoring, free web transaction monitoring, free user experience monitoring and others.

All monitors are capable to track the performance of the website/server simultaneously from multiple geographical locations across the globe. The pricing plans of SiteObservers are very competitive and flexible; you can also choose either pre-paid or pay-as-you-go pricing scheme other than the basic free account. It offers 100% flexibility to switch your subscription easily. All monitors offer deep analysis of the faults or any other suspicious event occurred on the network or system. To monitor the service/application status or performance at length, SiteObservers offers very powerful drill down capabilities and filtering options in all monitors. Every monitor is powered by the useful instant-alerts, and the purpose oriented reporting features to provide immediate warning to avert any big damage to the service/server under monitoring.  It offers world class customer support powered by online knowledge base, blogs, forums, and ticketing system. SiteObservers monitoring service is the best suited for SMBs as well as personal users.


Monitis is also one of the best cloud-based monitoring service providers in the marketplace. It offers numerous monitors to monitor website, applications, servers and networks from multiple locations. The Monitis monitors are highly capable to support instant alerts, detailed reporting, multi-location monitoring, uptime monitoring, and deep analysis of the faults. The mobile monitoring, application performance monitoring, website performance monitoring and server monitoring are the fundamental portfolios of Monitis services. The company has a substantial customer base spread all over the world. It offers world class customer support and personalized interactive interface to the customers. Monitis offers two types of pricing plans – Basic Plan (for $117/month &) Customized Plan. The customized option allows the users to plan their own pricing schemes based on the chosen features.


Pingdom offers website availability and performance monitoring from multiple geographical locations across the globe. The main features of this service include multi location monitoring, instant alerts, detailed reports, fault analysis, multi device support, broken interaction monitoring, and root cause analysis. The company offers world class customer support to its business customers through email, live chat, and phone. It offers four different pricing schemes – Starter, Standard, Professional and Enterprise – with one month free trial period. The starter plan starts from $13.7/month.


Site24x7 offers four different kinds of monitoring solutions such as server monitoring, website/mobile monitoring, cloud monitoring, and application performance monitoring. The website, mobile, and server monitoring is supported simultaneously from more than 50 geographical locations across the globe. Site24x7 monitors are able to monitor performance and availability of servers, mobile apps, website and web pages and different special purpose services such as Ping, DNS, POP3, SMTP and others. The alerts and notifications are sent out in Emails, SMS, twitter, and RSS Feed. The company offers 4 pricing plans such as Basic, Standard, Business and Advanced. The basic plan starts at $4.5/month. It offers good customer support and other value added features.


CrashTrail is a cloud based Performance Monitoring Service Provider Company that tracks the uptime and performance of websites and servers across the globe. The CrashTrail monitors send out different types of notifications – Alerts, Critical Alerts, Service Down, and Recovery – to the desired personal through email and SMS instantly after the relevant event occurs. Presently, the CrashTrail monitors are able to track the performance from 10 geographical locations across the globe. It offers two pricing plans – website monitoring plan & server monitoring plan – for €10/month each. Currently, it offers support through email only. A trial period of 3-weeks is offered on both plans.

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