E-Commerce Transaction Monitoring in Real Browser – A Critical Part of Successful Online Business

Proper monitoring of all steps in a successful eCommerce transaction through the real browser creates great value and user experience for an online buyer.

Ecommerce MonitoringThe global eCommerce market is about to cross a $1 trillion by the end of 2015 and will cross $1.5 trillion by 2018. It is growing at a rate of around 20% annually. Hundreds of thousands online stores come into existence every year globally to boost the value of the eCommerce industry. With a substantial increase in online business, the increase in eCommerce monitoring services is very natural.

Before we dive into the monitoring of major parts of eCommerce transactions, let’s discuss the main components with technical aspects. An eCommerce system consists of three major components, which include Web Server, Database, and Shipping System. The web server deals with the online storefront and eCommerce transactions. The database is used to maintain the items in an online store, and a shipping system that deals with the warehouse, packing, shipping and delivery status of the items that are sold out. The most fundamental component of an online eCommerce site is the web server that handles the ecommerce transactions.

An eCommerce system should always be in a reliable, stable and smooth condition to create a great experience for an online buyer. Any kind of issues with the online commerce system can cause huge damage to your online business. For example, a recent research suggests that 69% of the buyers abandon shopping due multiple problems, especially the technical issues and error messages. The impact on the sale abandonment due to unnecessary information in checkout form was found over 61% of all ecommerce websites. The same study further suggests that more than 92% of the people interpret the checkout form fields wrongly.

It has also been observed that the eCommerce website bugs such as page layout issue, error messages, features failure, link down, site maintenance, process loading issue, slow down of the website are very lethal to the online business. A huge number of customers – and consequently a huge volume of revenue – is lost due to malfunctioning and other issues on your eCommerce website and processes. It is highly desirable to check the critical paths of website such as home page, checkout process, product pages, popular categories, search results and engine, and the help section. In other words, the important pages, processes, and actions of an eCommerce website should be checked on a regular basis to make sure that customers don’t face any kind of problems.

To track the performance of eCommerce website, pages, processes and transactions, it is highly advised to use the automated cloud based ecommerce monitoring service to measure the customer experience in real browser. Some of the most important things related to the ecommerce website that should be monitored through enterprise level monitoring services are listed below.

  • Website Loading Speed
  • System Availability
  • eCommerce Checkout Process
  • Product Content Availability/Validity
  • Payment Process Reliability
  • Shipping Status Reports

You can use the ecommerce monitoring services to track the customer experience with your online processes, pages and features of your website. You can use web application monitoring service to create a professional level eCommerce test case and run in the real browser to measure the real world experience of your customers visiting your online website.

The monitoring of ecommerce transaction parts such as, visiting the desired item page, viewing the features/description of the item, adding to the cart, checkout, and payment process play a very critical role in materializing your online sale. A smooth operation of all these parts of parts gets you a substantial revenue and good reputation for your online website in the customer’s viewpoint. It is important to note that the cart/checkout abandonment ratio for eCommerce website is very high at about 75% to 90% due to different reasons as mentioned above in this article.

So, to make your eCommerce website more productive and a revenue generating machine for you, you should choose an eCommerce monitoring service from an enterprise level Monitoring Service Provider Company. To know more about such an enterprise level free cloud based unified ecommerce monitoring service, click here.

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