Top 10 Amazing Statistics about WordPress CMS

The astounding statistics about WordPress CMS platform, Plugins, Themes, Traffic, Search Results, Market share and other factors are enough to provide you with the details of unknown strengths of WordPress.
Wordpress download counter snapshotThe power of WordPress is very well known to everybody associated with the domain of information technology (IT) and the internet. But, the depth of its power can only be fathomed with the help of real world statistics of this popular content management system CMS, and its associated users, contributors and its accessories. If you deep research about different facts and figures about the WordPress, you would be able to find out very surprising statistics that speak much louder than just words spelled out about this powerful CMS platform. In this article, we are going to find out top 10 such statistics about WordPress CMS, and will suggest how you can use WordPress monitoring service to benefit from the power of WordPress platform.

1.   Over 37 Million Monthly Keyword Searches

Keyword search plays a very vital role in today’s modern marketing, SEO, sales, and online business. The more popular the keyword the more business associated with that particular keyword. The keyword ‘Wordpress’ is searched by over 500000 times a month only in the United States. The global search-count of other keywords associated with the basic keyword “Wordpress” is over 37 million a month and counting. This search count of WordPress is many times higher than Joomla, and Drupal CMS.

2.   About 75 Million WordPress Powered Websites

WordPress is the most powerful CMS platform that powers over 74.9 million websites across the globe. More than 50% of those websites are hosted on platform. The total number of WordPress powered websites is about 24% of all websites on the globe! As far as the share of CMS platforms is concerned, WordPress owns as much as 60.3% of it.

3.   51 Supported Languages

As the leverage of WordPress expands on the domain of IT, the number of supported languages has also increased very rapidly during the past few years. The current count of international languages that are supported by WordPress for translation of websites stands 51, and the number is counting on regular basis. Now, the people who speak top 51 languages can see WordPress website in the own native languages.

4. Awesome Statistics

The website hosts over 50% of WordPress powered websites. The number of websites hosted on this official platform is over 37.4 million. This huge platform is maintained by a staff as small as just 283 employees. is considered as the most powerful website hosting platform on the internet. It gets more than 126 million unique visitors per month that is much higher than the number of visitors on Amazon website.

5.   14.7 Billion Monthly Blog Views

WordPress websites receive more than 14.7 billion views a month across the globe. More than 17 posts are published in every second on WordPress websites and thus, the number of posts per day stands over 1.5 million posts! Around 6 posts are published every second on platform only. Thus, the total number of posts posted on is over 7.5 million annually.

6.   About 29000 WordPress Plugins

The most powerful base of WordPress popularity is its library of plugins and themes. The current number of WordPress plugins stands around 29000, and it is growing very fast on a regular basis. One new plug-in added with every passing hour. The tentative number of total downloads of these plug-ins is around 952 million, and this number is also increasing very fast on a regular basis. A large number of contemporary WordPress themes are another attraction of this CMS platform.

7.   About $50/Hour WordPress Expert Wages

A WordPress developer can earn as much as about $50/hour. WordPress offers a large number of jobs to different kinds of WordPress professionals. As much as 25% of WP users are associated with it for full time to earn their livings. Thus, a large number of developers are earning substantial amounts of money for their brighter future. So, the WordPress CMS is a powerful indirect employer globally.

8.   Over 46 million WordPress Downloads

According to statistics, more than 46 million downloads have already been recorded for WordPress CMS platform. The current number of downloads of WP 4.2 version is over 20 million and it is counting very fast. The number of downloading counter is ticking at a speed of hundreds of downloads per hour. A large number of WordPress websites are up to date with the latest versions of the platform.

9.   Over 150 WordPress Versions

Till today, more than 150 versions of WordPress have been released since its first release in May, 2003. The release of versions has been very consistent during the past 13 years without any interruptions or any big issues with the exiting releases. Other than the complete versions, the source code of WordPress is updated more than 60-80 times a day that makes thousands of updates of WordPress CMS every year. A very active staff of WordPress synchronizes these updates with the code available on website on a daily basis to make sure people get the up to date and latest versions, patches and updates of this platform.

10.   Top downloaded Plugins

There are many top plugins that have been downloaded multi-million times, and have active installations in millions too. Among such multi-million downloaded plugins, Akismet tops all of the other plugins. Akismet has been downloaded for more than 24 million times. It has over 1 million active installs. Akismet is a very powerful spam protection plug-in that protects spam comments very effectively. Other most downloaded plug-ins include Contact form 7, WordPress SEO by Yoast, WooCommerce, Google Analytics for WP, All in one SEO Pack and many others.

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Top 10 Benefits of Using WordPress CMS Platform

SEO friendly, eCommerce capabilities, zero upfront cost, lowest operational cost, fastest return on investment ROI are the major attractions for every sized business, especially small and medium enterprises to select WordPress for their websites.

Benefits of WordPressIf we look at the existing fortune 500 companies’ websites, WordPress stands top of all other platforms, and so is the case for other websites all around the globe. Why people use WordPress at this amazingly high ratio? What are the major considerations for an effective website of any business? And what are the benefits of using this platform to such an extent? These are a few very critical questions, which we are going to discuss about in this article.

The major consideration of a businessman or an enterprise is always to have low cost, reliable, scalable, flexible and powerful website that can fulfill all modern requirements of an online business effectively. The effective online-presence with full modern features of business processes helps the enterprises earn the desired competitive advantages over their competitors, and subsequently the better profit margins. WordPress is one of the most powerful CMS platforms that offer numerous benefits for all sized businesses to achieve the sustainable business growth.  The top 10 benefits of WordPress CMS platform are given below:

  1. Powerful present & Bright Future

WordPress is on top of the list in the current global statistics of websites and their platforms. Tens of millions downloads have already been recorded on WordPress’s official website till today, and the number is counting in thousands on a daily basis. Since its inception, more than 100 versions and thousands of updates have already been released that clearly indicates the powerful present and bright future of WordPress platform in the domain of web development.

  1. Open Source Free Code

Before the introduction of open source codes, IT was the most expensive domain for every business to think about but, the open source codes made it free for every small business, and startups with limited budget to benefit from the latest technologies. WordPress is an open source code, and free under GPL to use, modify and distribute that reduces the initial cost to almost zero.

  1. Compatible with All Business Types

Initially, the WordPress CMS platform was started for blogging websites back in 2003, but with the passage of time, it transformed into a comprehensive CMS platform, which is compatible with all kinds of businesses and industries. It adopted all positive and progressive changes with the help of plugins and themes that qualifies it as a unified platform for all businesses.

  1. Search Engine Friendly Codes

The WordPress code is developed in accordance with the recommendations and guidelines of different search engines, especially the Google search engine. The WordPress articles are very effective in getting found on Google and other search engines easily. WordPress is also capable to announce any new content automatically on the internet for different search engines. It has capabilities to develop sitemap and other recommended features for better visibility of the website on Google and other search engines.

  1. Quick Return on Investment ROI

There are hundreds of cloud based operators that offer WordPress hosted solutions through their control panels within a few clicks. You can use the most suitable theme and desired plug-ins to start your website within a few hours. You can add your products or services, start search engine optimization, get instant traffic and earn money on your investment within a very short span of time. You are not supposed to wait for long years by going through numerous technical, commercial and legal procedures to get return on your investment.

  1. Scalability & Flexibility

WordPress is one of the most flexible CMS platforms owing to its modular contour powered by numerous themes and plugins. You can enhance any desired features or capabilities of your WordPress website by adding desired extension within a few minutes. You can upgrade or reduce your cloud-hosting related resources within minutes to adjust your use of resources with the required demand. It allows you full flexibility and freedom for any changes on your website as well as in your online resources.

  1. Low Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost of WordPress is either zero or very low. You can get fully managed WordPress free service, choose for low-priced plans, or opt for a completely self hosted WordPress website for a very low maintenance charges. You can maintain your WordPress website yourself if you have some basic knowledge of the same. Overall maintenance cost of a WordPress powered website is very low.

  1. Simple & Intuitive Interface

WordPress is very easy to use due to its very simple and intuitive interface. It has a very simple dashboard from where you can manage your whole website through very simple and intuitive procedures. You can create new articles or other type of content very easily through powerful editing and html tools available on the control panel.

  1. Multiple Admin Access

WordPress allows you to add multiple administrators to manage your website from multiple geographical locations across the globe. There is no restriction on the number of administrators. This offers flexibility and cost efficiency by hiring any administrator from any part of the world at very cheap hourly rates through outsourcing organizations or freelance websites.

  1. World Class Support

Thousands of enthusiasts, designers, developers, administrators and other supporters are out there on the internet to provide help on any kind of WordPress issues related to codes, performance, plugins, themes or any other problem from across the globe. There are numerous forums and support platforms where you can get instant support for any problem you face while working with the WordPress platform.

To properly benefit from the available advantages of WordPress, you need to monitor the performance of your WordPress website and its plugins. To monitor all types of WordPress plugins, you need a unified WordPress monitoring solution that can provide you all in one WordPress monitoring service for free. To get more information about free WordPress website monitoring click here.

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