Explosive Growth in Mobile Website Monitoring to Hit the Market Shortly

An industry grade monitoring service is intensively needed to help entrepreneurs optimize more than 46% non responsive web designs, and over 40%websites without mobile optimized store locators for a gigantic market of about 1900 million mobile internet users.

Mobile apps statisticsIf we look at different aspects of our present internet-based business marketplace, we find some of very astonishing facts about online sales, marketing, eCommerce, and revenue of different businesses across the globe. The number of mobile users has surpassed the desktop users in a gigantic multi-billion eCommerce global market, which is projected to top $626 billion by 2018. It has also been found in the latest researches that more than 26% of online purchases are searched and initiate directly from mobile apps. The market share of mobile-apps sale will cross $76.5 billion by the year 2017. The total number of mobile apps on all online stores is over 3.7 million; the number of Google Play apps account for 1.5 million followed by Apple App Store with 1.4 million apps.

Similarly, the online marketing and eCommerce statistics are also very mind boggling that the mobile clicks are now more than 50% of all clicks on the internet. The current retail-sale through mobile devices is over 40% of the entire global online sales. A research conducted by eConsultancy suggests that a large number of retailers have very weak online presence; more than 40% of their websites are not optimized for mobile store locator, more than 28% websites don’t have Android app, and 30% of those websites don’t have iOS app. A huge ratio of as much as 46% of those websites doesn’t have support for responsive web designs. The speed and performance of many online businesses, especially SMBs is not satisfied to meet the tight industry KPIs (key performance indicators). In such situation, an explosive growth in performance monitoring of mobile websites and mobile applications is predictable without any doubts.

In this article, we are going to discuss the major reasons for the expected growth in mobile website monitoring services. Some of the major factors are given below.

Mobile Overtakes Desktop Shopping

Mobile vs desktopAccording to the ComScore market research, more than 55% shopping activities are conducted through mobile devices such as Smartphone and tablets; likewise, some other researches also suggest that by 2015 the ratio of shopping through mobile devices will cross the desktop shopping. To cater such a huge customer demand for mobile websites and mobile apps, a large number of online retailers need new websites that support mobile browsing efficiently. Many online stores will develop their mobile apps and run them for their online sales. All these applications and mobile friendly websites require professional grade monitoring services for their mobile websites and mobile applications. So, a huge demand of application monitoring and mobile website monitoring is just round the corner.

Mobile Traffic More than One-Third of Total Online Traffic

A Kleinger Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) 2013

The landscape of online traffic is changing drastically after the advent of smart phones and high speed mobile internet technologies. Highly capable smartphones are available in the marketplace that support not only high speed internet technologies, but also numerous mobile apps that include a wide range of online mCommerce applications related to entertainment, shopping, education and many others. The increase in mobile traffic is going exponentially with the passage of every month. This fast growth in mobile traffic forces the online businesses and entrepreneurs to monitor the performance of their mobile friendly websites and mobile application to increase the customer satisfaction, and subsequently the company revenue.

$626 Billion eCommerce Market By 2018

ecommerce iconAnother important factor that forces the entrepreneurs to make their online presence fully mobile friendly through websites and mobile applications is the gigantic volume of online eCommerce market, which is expected to cross $626 billion mark by 2018. According to a research conducted by Capgimini, the ratio of mCommerce is increasing very rapidly with current share topping 40% of all retail sales. The market is becoming very volatile and competitive with every passing day, and the customer demands are increasing very aggressively. To maintain the customer satisfaction and create value for them, it is highly required to monitor the performance of mobile websites and mobile applications; so, a large increase in the demand of mobile application monitoring services is about to happen.

Aggressive Growth in Mobile Apps

mobile appsThe current number of mobile applications of all types of platforms is over 3.7 million and counting at very fast pace with every passing day. The increase in Android and iOS applications has changed the scenario of how to use internet through mobile. The contribution of these two types of applications – Android and Apple – is over 78.3% of the entire mobile apps market share. The number of mobile applications of other platforms is also increasing rapidly. This massive increase in mobile applications will require enterprise level mobile application monitoring services to track the performance of these applications. Thus, a huge growth in the application monitoring service is expected shortly.

Mobile as a Driving Force in Travel/Tour Industry

Android phone clipartTraveling and Tourism is one of the biggest global industries that account for more than 3.7% of global GDP. According to the Statista Research, the total contribution – direct, indirect, and induced – of traveling and tour industry to the global economy is about $7.58 trillion. So, the mobile devices are dominating in different industries especially in those industries where mobility is a major factor such as traveling and tour industries. In these industries, mobile tweaked websites along with mobile apps play very important role to generate revenue and maintain smooth operation of the businesses. It is a huge industry where mobile applications and mobile websites need to be monitored for better performance to create value for the targeted customers. Like other major industries, the increase in demand of application monitoring service is very natural in this field too.

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