Features of a Best Server Monitoring Service

The best features of a server monitoring service should materialize into the increase of server performance, improved business revenue, and simplified O&M.

Server monitorIn today’s digital world, millions of servers are already under operations on the internet, and many more are joining the club on a regular basis. The proper monitoring of these servers all over the world is one of the most crucial matters for the owners of those servers and their administrators. To help them, many cloud based server monitoring services have mushroomed in the recent years. Each service provider offers different kinds of features associated with their respective server monitors based on their own service designs. This article will help you guide through the best features of a professionally developed server monitoring service. The major objective of this article is to help the server owners/administrators in choosing the best monitoring service available in the marketplace.

The main features of a good server monitoring service are classified in the bigger categories as given below.

Server Resources Monitoring

The server monitor of any service provider should have full capabilities to monitor the most fundamental resources of a server such as CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage and network usage. All these factors are the fundamental resources of any server, and play critical role in the performance of a server. A good server monitor should track all these resources very closely in terms of their utilization, usage trends, and operational status. Any kind of uneven behavior of utilization of those resources should be tracked and reported instantly to the desired groups or personnel to avert any kind of untoward situation in near future.

Instant Alerts & Reports

Any good server monitoring service is meaningless, if it does not have an instant alert system in place. The monitoring just tracks the uneven events, but not bringing these events into the notice of the concerned staff would not create any good. It is very important to note that any good monitoring service should have very fast alarm dispatching system in place to alert the concerned staff through multiple mediums of communication such as SMS, email, social media or even through an automated phone call. The format of alerts should be detail oriented to provide sufficient information about the event.

The capability to create detailed oriented reports should be another important feature of any server performance monitoring service. Those reports should be supported by very powerful drill down capabilities based on different factors related to time, events, level of criticalities, and report types etc.

Detailed Root Cause Analysis

Normally, it takes a lot of time to catch the real cause of the problem, if a system administrator has to dive into system logs, events and other parameters to find out the cause of any fault; therefore, an automated and predefined procedure to find out the best possible cause of any fault should be a fundamental part of the desired server monitoring service. This provides a quicker and deeper perspective of the reasons that caused the fault under consideration. The detailed oriented capabilities for an RCA should be considered as one of the top features before deciding for any server monitoring service.


A system administrator should check for some more value added features and capabilities of a good server monitoring service other than the above mentioned fundamental features, before deciding for any good server monitoring service. These features are listed below.

  • Simple and intuitive web interface
  • Easy to configure, operate and monitor
  • Affordable cost powered by free server monitoring service (Trial)
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Simple and attractive graphical presentation of results
  • Comprehensive dashboard

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