How Container-Based Technology Is an Attractive Option for Startups/SMBs?

The efficient use of underlying infrastructure, increased security, reduced cost, and effective software development options makes the container based virtualization technology highly suitable for startups and SMBs.

Container technologyImpact of cloud computing has become one of the most influential factors in the present era of technology based businesses. The basic component of cloud computing concept is virtualization technology, which enables the users to create/run virtual environments or virutal machines (VMs) on the same hardware resources of a sever. The virtualization increased the efficiency and the utilization of hardware resources, and created many value added services for the enterprises. Now, the virtualization market, which is worth of billions of dollars is being seriously challenged by new concept of virtualization called as operating system OS level virtualization or container-based virtualization. The OS-level virtualization allows users to create/run several isolated guest VMs (Virtual Machines) known as containers on one single underlying operating system, and the entire virtualization layer runs as an application on the core operating system. These containers decrease the overheads of creating separate environment for normal virtual machines through hypervisors. Thus, containers are more efficient, fast, isolated and easily manageable as compared to traditional VMs.

In today’s technology-based business ecosystem, the growth of business increasingly relies on the development and the deployment of new applications to boost the innovation and subsequently the productivity. A fast speed and flexibility are two important factors that are highly needed in such a competitive environment to develop/deploy applications at the speed that the modern businesses need. It is estimated by the Docker Inc, the pioneer of container technology that the containers are twice faster than hypervisor based virtual machines. It provides full flexibility to both the developers and the administrators to quickly develop applications, deploy them, and make changes at the speed business needs them.

Thus, the container technology is becoming one of the most attractive options for all sized businesses, especially for startups and SMBs. There are many good reasons for this attraction; a few of them are discussed below.

Open Source Technology

Open soruceIt is very natural that majority of the SMBs and startups have very limited resources and have to manage multiple business processes within the narrow budget spaces. The container technology is an open source platform and supports multiple distributions of Linux, which is also an open source platform. This technology has also been integrated with the Microsoft Windows server platform and upcoming Hyper-V container to offer more flexibility. There are many platforms available for different businesses under GNU and Apache licenses to benefit from such as Docker, OpenVZ, Linux-VServer and others.

Lightweight, Fast & Efficient

Fast and efficientAnother important attraction of this technology is that it is lightweight and adds very low (negligible) overheads. Thus, the speed and efficiency offered by this technology is awesome. Many developers love the platforms based on container technology for their high efficiency and great speed. Due to fast speed, the platform increases the system capacity tremendously; thus, a very effective use of available hardware is realized through these platforms easily. There is no load of multiple operating systems on the hardware resources, so they are used very effectively to increase the capacity of the system to handle numerous application development and deployment environments simultaneously. An administrator can pause and start any application container to reschedule the server resources at any point of time. Thus, it can offer great efficiency and effective utilization of resources.

Increased Security Level

Increased securityContainer based virtualization isolates the entire application ecosystem as a distributed application on the same operating system to offer great security. This technology has capability to provide an updated security profile as offered in Dockers platform, to offer industry great security to the applications. As each application is isolated from the other applications on a single server; so, great reliability and security can be achieved by the use of container based platforms.

Effective Software Development

efficient software developemnetContainer technology is very useful for software developers and application administrators. It was primarily developed for developers to quickly develop, run and ship their applications in such a way that they are very fast to run and make changes in any running application environment without any big overhauling of the systems. Container based technology allows different platforms to bundle a software application into a complete file system that includes all tools it requires to run such as code, system tools, libraries and others. Thus, a software development through efficient APIs integrated in container-based platforms has become a great attraction for the developers.

Easy Collaboration

Easy coordinationContainer technology offers a common environment for both the administrators and software developers; so, they can coordinate and collaborate very fast and easily. The shipping of the application is very efficient in this ecosystem. You can ship the distributed application without worrying about the environment inconsistency.

The most important thing for an efficient use of container technology is monitoring of the resources virtualized under the given operating system, and the distributed applications implemented on a server. To learn more about the enterprise level free application monitoring and cloud monitoring service click here.