How WordPress Helps Small & Medium Sized Businesses?

Open source software, low price site building options, scalable functionalities, and extended flexibility are the major contributing factors of WordPress towards the limited budget SMB enterprises.

Wordpress & SMBsWordPress platform has become the choice CMS platform for all sized small and medium businesses across the globe. Owing to this attraction for SMBs, the current share of WordPress websites is over 23.8% of all existing websites globally, and the share of CMS market is over 60.4%, and it is growing at a very fast pace on a regular basis.

Certainly, there are very good reasons behind such a big achievement of WordPress in the online internet marketplace. The main reason behind this popularity of the platform is its support to small and medium businesses to help kick start their online presence without spending any big money. WordPress offers professional grade website features, enterprise level security and reliability, and low cost hosting services for all kinds of SMBs that have certain budget constraints. In this article, we are going to discuss the major WordPress factors that contribute to the SMBs in establishing and operating their online businesses at very affordable overheads.

Free Platform (Under GPL)

WordPress is a free content management platform that is available under general public license GPL to use, modify and distribute the source code. The small and medium businesses normally have budget constraints to purchase software and their updates. WordPress helps them to release that pressure on their budgets by offering free platform and associated updates. This gives a big boost to startups and existing SMBs in the marketplace. Any small businesses can easily modify the source code as per their business needs, and also share the same with others under the same terms and conditions defined in GPL agreement. The availability of free resources such as source code and its extensions provide sufficient room for SMBs to grow steadily without spending substantial money.

Numerous Free/Low-Price Extensions

Thousands of extensions – Plug-ins & Themes – are the real power of the WordPress CMS platform. There are thousands of contributors in developing such a gigantic library of free as well as low priced extensions for WordPress platform. At present, the WordPress plug-ins library has swelled over 37,000 while the number of contemporary themes is also about 3 thousand. The major contributors of themes include Woo Themes and others. There are a huge number of contributors that have substantial contributions in the development of the most powerful and contemporary WordPress plugins, especially for eCommerce, security, performance, marketing, SEO and other technical and commercial domains. Any small business with a limited budget can set up their free website and use the most powerful plug-ins and themes to make it highly professional looking for their target segment of the market, and then earn a substantial amount of money for a very little expenses. This qualifies the WordPress as an attractive choice for SMBs all over the world.

Extensive Hosting Options

Another powerful reason for the growth of the WordPress platform is the availability of numerous options for hosting of the website either free or at very low prices. Any small business can host its website for free on by choosing the hosted versions of WordPress. It is a fully managed service and entrepreneur is not required to manage the technical aspects of website hosting at all. You can also choose for the advanced plans at very reasonable prices to get more control over the technical features of your hosted website. Meanwhile, it is always an option to run a self-hosted WordPress website with full control and independence to work with the technical and commercial aspects of your website. Many providers of cloud based hosting services offer numerous options for WordPress hosting solutions at very affordable price. So, you get numerous options to host your WordPress website as per your business needs.

Support for Multiple Business Categories

Initially, the WordPress CMS platform was designed to use for the blogging websites, but later on, it has transformed into a complete commercial solution for all kinds of businesses, especially online eCommerce businesses. A huge number of business specific, and industry specific plug-ins, themes and other extensions have been developed to cater the latest demands of businesses in the marketplace. The scope of WordPress platform increased tremendously with the help of new technical developments contributed by the powerful contributing community of the WordPress platform. Any small business – belonging to any type of industry or domain of business – can get help via many suitable plug-ins and themes directly related to their industries or domain of business. Thus, all SMBs get big support from the WordPress platform.

Strong Support-Community

There are many forums and technical support blogs available, where a huge number of technical gurus share their ideas and provide technical support to different types of technical and other issues related to WordPress platform. You can find thousands of discussions and articles already in place on those forums. You can also ask your questions by registering with those support forums and websites. Technical strong community is always available to provide the required help to any user of the WordPress platform and the associated extensions. Strong support makes the WordPress platform as one of the most popular choices of SMBs and web developers.

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