Importance of Server Parameter Performance Monitoring

The performance of a healthy cloud server is determined by functional status of its parameters that is only possible via cloud server monitoring.

CLoud Server SnapshotIt was a big deal to own and manage an online server a couple of decades back; only large and medium sized organizations had that privilege to have one or more than one servers at their office premises to deploy and run. With the advent of cloud computing era, having an online server is just a matter of a few dollars and a few minutes’ of time. Today’s industrial world is projected to have hundreds of millions online servers located all over the globe, and the number is counting on a regular basis. Almost every micro, small, and medium sized business owns at least one cloud server to host its website or other applications. In such a fiercely competitive online environment, the healthy performance of a server means the business revenue and the bad performance means the missed business opportunity or even business loss in extreme conditions.

The monitoring of server parameters is very critical to keep the servers performing well and earning revenue for their respective businesses. The major areas of the degradation of server performance are numerous, which cause many issues related to the application speed and smoothness; some of those issues are listed below:

  • Slow speed or response time
  • Processor overloading
  • High consumption of server memory
  • Locks and mutual exclusions
  • Network communication errors
  • Loss of data records
  • Rejection of requests
  • Breakdown of processes
  • Complete breakdown of server

A proper monitoring of server parameters such as CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage, CPU interrupts, network data transfer, hits/sec, active sessions and other parameters will help an administrator to preempt any untoward incidents that can disrupt the smooth performance of a server. Therefore, the performance monitoring of server parameters is very crucial both technically and commercially for SMBs. There are many good reasons to monitor the parameters of servers to maintain their high performance; the major ones are given below.

  • Increase in the business revenue and customer satisfaction
  • Decrease in the maintenance and recovery cost
  • Timely utilization of available technical resources
  • Increased server performance
  • Deep analysis of factors impacting the server performance
  • Accurate Root Cause Analysis RCA
  • Reduced server downtime
  • Instant and automated alerts and reports
  • Better security and disaster recovery strategies

In the old days, all large enterprises and corporations have been using their proprietary monitoring application for many years to maintain high server performance; but, it was a very costly option for SMBs to opt for. Nowadays, many cloud based server monitoring services are available online either at very affordable prices or at no cost at all. SiteObservers is one of such free all-in-one monitoring service provider company that offers numerous kinds of free monitoring services such as free website monitoring, free server monitoring, free website uptime monitoring, free application performance monitoring, free web transaction monitoring and many others. Any small and medium sized business can benefit from those offerings to enhance their business growth.

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