Major Reasons to Monitor Health of WordPress Plugins

A regular monitoring of your WordPress Plugins helps in maintaining all features and functions of the website consistently to increase the revenue and reputation of the website.

Title snapshot01The WordPress content management system (CMS) has become one of the most popular web development platforms on the internet owing to its gigantic libraries of WordPress plugins and themes available in the marketplace. Those plugin codes are developed by many contributors across the globe, and they offer full freedom to the web masters to choose the most suitable functions, features and capabilities that are suitable to their respective websites or businesses. Those plugins cover different aspects such as security, reliability, statistics, eCommerce, performance, affiliate marketing, sales programs, search engine optimization and many others.

Almost all WordPress websites – one way or the other – are designed for commercial purposes; so, they extensively use different plugins such as, eCommerce, sales, marketing, SEO, security and others. The performance of the entire WordPress website – directly or indirectly – depends on the health of those plugins that perform different functions, and provide various features. Any kind of performance issue with those features and functions can lead to disastrous commercial consequences for all sized businesses especially for eCommerce websites. Therefore, it is very critical to monitor those plugins on a regular basis to maintain their health and performance as per desired criteria.

There are numerous good reasons to monitor the performance of WordPress plugins; the most important of them are given below.

Increased Revenue

Increased revenueA professional website should have flawless working of all plugins simultaneously so that smooth web transactions, especially eCommerce activities can take place with full security, and all related options functioning properly. If website plugins malfunction for even a short period of time, a substantial loss of revenue can happen. Therefore, to maintain existing revenue and to increase the prospective sales, you should have your plugins fully monitored and tracked through enterprise level WordPress plugin monitoring services. The monitoring of WordPress plugins provides you with the prior information about any degradation in performance, and alerts you to take necessary actions well in time to avert any revenue loss.

Higher Reliability & Security

Higher reliabilityThere are numerous WordPress plugins related to security and reliability of the website. If those plugins start malfunctioning, the entire website would be at risk in terms of performance, reliability and security. So, it is very imperative to keep a close eye on the performance of your security and reliability related WordPress monitors to make sure your website remains secure and reliable. Any kind of breach in security or in performance criteria leaves bad impression on your customers, and subsequently you lose your valued customers as well as the trust of search engines. Any website that suffers performance issues on any function or web transactions with customer, it leaves a very bad impression on the minds of customers. So, losing customer confidence will definitely lead to an adverse business impact.

Reduced Operational Complexity

Reduced complexityAs we know that plugins are the heart and soul of WordPress platform; without them, it is not possible to run an enterprise level WordPress powered website. As we know, the codes of WP plugins are developed by various companies, developers and contributors, so there are enormous chances of compatibility issues of those plugins with other plugins, themes, and other codes integrated into the WordPress websites. If any error or issue occurs during the operation of a website, it is very difficult to trace them immediately. You need to follow different procedures to trace the faults. But, an enterprise level WordPress plugin monitoring service provides substantial information about the root cause of the problem immediately through the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) capability of monitoring services. Thus, you can reduce the operation complexity and increase the uptime considerably.

Higher Search Engine Optimization SEO Ranking

Higher rankingSearch engine optimization (SEO) plays a critical role in the modern eCommerce and online businesses. Any website suffering from frequent downtime, broken functions, and other performance related issues would get less value for search results. If you have industry grade plugin monitoring service in place to track all functions and features of your website, your website would be considered as a well performing and reliable one. Thus, you get higher ranking in search engine matrices. Meanwhile, you get instant alerts to optimize the performance of your WordPress plugins without any prolonged outages.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

customer satisfactionIf you monitor plugins of your WordPress website through professional plugin monitoring service, you will be able to increase performance of your website, decrease the downtime, increase the up-time, and make your website working smoothly. Thus, your customers feel great experience while visiting your website that will definitely lead to greater customer satisfaction and subsequently more business for you in the future.

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