Robust Security Starts with Cloud Performance Monitoring

Cloud performance monitoring has established as an effective advanced warning system to help maintain the robust security for all sized SMBs.

Cloud Security IconIt is important to note that the threat of cybercrime is expanding very fast for both SMBs and large corporations. A security survey conducted in 2013 suggests that 87% of companies sustained security breaches that were 11% higher than a year ago. The SMBs are suffering from a substantial loss in revenue and productivity due to those security risks and subsequently the website downtime. The cloud monitoring service has proved to be the foundation stone to achieve the robust and reliable security of SMB websites, applications and web services.

In today’s modern business world, cloud hosting has become an integral part of all kinds of small and medium enterprises owing to its rich features, flexibility and low cost. The cloud service providers offer good security at different levels, especially at infrastructure and platform levels, but in the application level breaches, a proper warning and security mechanism is required to be seriously considered by the network/system administrator.

The first step to ensure robust security of websites, applications, and software tools is to have instant information about the status and performance of the same. The cloud based monitoring services are the best option to achieve the instant information about different processes, server parameters, web transactions, website availability and response time. There are many monitoring service providers that offer both the paid and free website monitoring services in the marketplace.

The cloud based monitoring services offer close monitoring, instant altering, running automated scripts, providing root cause analysis RCA, testing web transaction, and measuring the user experience on many kinds of servers, software applications, mobile applications and websites. All these functions help system administrators to react instantly and opt for contingency plans to avert any kind of big loss or damage. Three major functions of monitoring services that lay the foundation of robust security are given below:

Close Monitoring

Two major factors that impact the availability are either system malfunction or malicious attack; the close monitoring of the server, website, software, or mobile application through performance monitor checks very small and minor events of the system to provide a deeper perspective of service/server health. The close monitoring is done through very sophisticated tools that check all desired processes, transactions, and parameters at different specified levels; thus, creating a very strong foundation of robust security.

Instant Alerts

The second step to build on a strong security foundation is sending instant alerts to the security system in place and the system administrator. The cloud performance monitors send reports to the specified group or person as well as the instant security plan mechanism if any. The instant alerts to automated security mechanism would act instantly to heal the system or network for any kind of damage before it gets out of control; and, the instant alert to concerned system/network admin will prompt them to take immediate actions to reduce the downtime of the online service.

Deep Analysis

Cloud based monitors are capable to analyze the causes of faults or attacks very deeply owing to the fact that they have a huge background information of the past activities of the systems or networks. The cloud performance monitors provide a deeper insight into the problems for the network administrators to devise the security policy to counter such behavior in the future. These monitors are also capable of emulating different web transactions and measure the real time experience of a real world user from different locations of the world. This gives another aspect of security and performance improvement.

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