SiteObservers’ Free Web Test Development Service – A Perfect Solution for Your Online Businesses

An Automated Web Test Development, embeds the technical understanding of web developers, simplifies the functions of web administrators, and increases the revenue for business owner by creating a high-level of customer experience in real browsers on cross platforms.

Web Test DevelopmentTesting has been an integral part of any product development life-cycle – software or hardware –, since the inception of engineering, research and development in this world. With the advent of modern software products, the automated testing has replaced the manual testing to a large extent. The automated testing is by and large associated with the operations of products as per desired criteria.

The automated web testing is one of such modern testing techniques, which leave a considerable impact on modern web-based applications and services globally. The automated web test testing have been in the marketplace for more than a two decades now. They are available in different forms and manifestations such as regression testing, cross browser compatibility testing, customer experience in real browser testing, acceptance testing, eCommerce transaction testing, website performance testing, server performance testing, and many others.

According to the Micro-Focus Inc research, the software testing market has silently crossed the $30 billion mark globally in 2011. It is expected to reach $46 billion by the end of 2015. The global market value of cloud-based testing as a service TaaS was recorded as $700 million in 2013 with a consistent growth of over 33% for many years to come. Normally, the automated web test takes care of the following major things.

  • Identification of bugs for all supported browsers
  • Detection of functionality issues on website
  • Measuring overall customer experience in real browser

The development/execution principle of web test is based on black-box testing in which both the knowledge of code and design and the knowledge of website functionality and desired outputs is required. The SiteObservers’ automated web test service is a fully managed service that covers creation, execution and maintenance of all desired functional and usability tests.

Importance of Automated Web Test

Web test importanceThe website performance and the user experience on that particular website play a very critical role in the success of an online business. The automated web tests deal with the identification of any bottlenecks and operational issues on the website through a regular monitoring of desired functions and features automatically. It is has been found by many researches that any website that suffers from loading errors lose more than 48% of their visitors and many of them opt for the competitor websites. The automated web tests help web administrators have deeper perspective on performance as well as on any kind of untoward developments in the smooth working of the website and its functions. The main reasons for using an automated web test are given below.

  • Tracking smooth operation of eCommerce transactions, which are vital for revenue generation
  • Increasing sales and customer satisfaction by providing a detailed insight into customer experience, and an opportunity to avert any potential threat to website performance.
  • Enhancing your competitive edge over your competitors by increasing customer confidence and brand reputation for you business.
  • Getting you increased search engine ranking and great reviews on the internet
  • Increasing your website traffic and create enhanced customer retention ratio
  • Providing you with the peace of regarding the better performance of your business

Why to Choose SiteObservers Free Web Test Service?

SiteObservers free web testThe Micro-Focus survey 2010 suggests that more than 3 quarters of the industry experts feel that the testing/monitoring industry is having shortage of skills in the United Kingdom only. And hiring a skilled professional costs a lot to the organization. SiteObservers clearly understands that all businesses, especially SMBs cannot afford to hire highly qualified programmers for creating and maintaining the web tests due to budget constraints. A system administrator may not have the programming expertise required to create a professional level web test. So, it can become a complex scenario for a business owner to work out. SiteObservers offers free web test development and maintenance service to our customers that purchase the paid contracts/plans.

Our technical experts have full command on our service codes, APIs and web tests. They are a comprehensive team of network admin, system admin, technical managers, and application developers. So, they can provide a comprehensive solution to create a new web test case as well as to maintain it in case of your website undergoes software updates or upgrades. Normally, your existing web tests observe some kind of issues when you update or revise some aspects of your website or eCommerce platforms. So, you will need to change your web test on a regular basis, which is a very difficult task for a web administrator. We solve this problem by providing a fully managed web test service for no charges. Our customer enjoys numerous features and benefits from our enterprise level web test managed service, as given below.

Features & Benefits of Our Free Web Test Service

Benefits of free web testLike every professional service, our web test development and monitoring service offers multiple features, capabilities and benefits to our valued customers. The following list names a few of those benefits of our free automated web test service.

  • It is a fully managed and free service on all paid contracts/plans
  • It offers web test development, modification and full maintenance
  • Provides deeper insight into the user experience in real browsers
  • It can track all functions and features of your website and eCommerce transactions
  • Provides real alerts and does not create any kind of false alerts/alarms
  • Supports numerous monitoring intervals such as 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and many others
  • Available in two types i.e. Standard & WordPress
  • It offers detail oriented reports and root cause analysis capabilities
  • Word class customer support is offered round the clock

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