Top 10 Enterprise Class FREE Monitoring Services

Freemium services are growing in abundance on the internet in all domains of online services nowadays, but the enterprise class FREE monitoring services that provide great value to the customers still need to be dug out of a heap.

Top 10 free monitoring servicesFREEMIUM has become one of the most powerful business models on the internet in recent decades. This model evolved strongly over many past years due to many constructive purposes. But, the greedy exploitation and the tricky use of this model for undue business gains have left some dents to the desired purposes of this idea nowadays. Despite these constraints, the online FREE services are serving their desired purposes one way or the other. According to the AVANGATE research, 60% of the people will subscribe to your services, if you offer an option for a free service. Many researchers suggest that the conversion ratio from the Freemium to Premium service lies between 2% to 5% at an average.

The current number of internet users in the whole world is more than 3.26 billion. Almost every person on the internet uses FREEMIUM service one way or the other, such as free email, social network or free voice and chat services, and much more. Every entrepreneur – whether startup or existing business owner – tries to woo his/her targeted customer through free digital services to achieve his/her business bottom lines. Many startups try to achieve their break-even point (BEP) by attracting a substantial number of free subscriptions, and then, offering high value and advanced features through the premium services.

As far as the customer is concerned, it is very difficult to find the most suitable and valuable free monitoring service on the internet because, there are many IT infrastructure monitoring services that offer free services in one way or the other. In this article, we are going to guide our valued readers through top 10 enterprise class free monitoring services on the internet.

1.     SiteObservers

Siteobservers2SiteObservers is one of the most valuable cloud-based enterprise class free monitoring services on the internet. It offers a FREE account that never expires at all. It is FIRST in the market to offer WordPress plugin monitoring service along with websites, web applications, mobile applications, on-premises/cloud servers, network protocols/components, and user experience monitoring services. It is a unified monitoring service that covers all aspects of an enterprise class monitoring service, such as true/smart notifications, detailed reports, root cause analysis RCA, managed services, service level agreement and much more. It records the availability/up-time, and response time of your websites, applications, servers, network and WordPress plugins from multiple geographical locations simultaneously that gives you a deeper perspective on the performance of your IT infrastructure from around the world at the one same point of time. Its premium services are very flexible and highly featured as compared to many other services in the marketplace. It offers very flexible billing on premium plans like pay as you go plan based on the per-check billing, and the prepaid billing option. The Pay-As-You-Go plan starts from as low as just $0.001/check. So, it offers variety of monitoring solutions, a great value and customer satisfaction through its enterprise level monitoring services.

2.     SiteUptime

SiteuptimeSiteUptime is a cloud-based free website monitoring service. In a free account, it allows one monitor from 8 locations; and for any additional monitor, you need to upgrade your subscription. The basic plan starts from about $10/month, which is a bit on the higher side. SiteUptime offers limited types of monitors such as DNS, HTTP, FTP, SSL, Ping and some others. The monitoring checks of a free plan are supported from 8 global locations. You can receive only email alerts in the free plans of SiteUptime monitoring service.

3.     New Relic

New RelicsThe New Relics monitoring service is also one of the powerful unified monitoring solution providers in the marketplace. It offers numerous solutions with free trial duration between 14 days to 30 days. It also offers a free account called as FREE-LITE that starts after the trial period is completed, and the customer does not upgrade to a premium service that it has selected. The free account supports limited features and capabilities. The paid plans of New Relics are a bit on the higher side. The service offered by this company also falls in the enterprise level service category.

4.     Monitor.Us (Monitis)

monitor.usMonitor.US is the free monitoring service offered by Monitis. The free monitoring plan supports up to 2 monitors with a monitoring interval of 30 minutes. The bad side of this service is that the history of monitoring data supported for just 24 hours, which is very low. The paid service of this platform supports monitoring history for 2 years. The free plan supports monitoring of your website or application from 2 monitoring locations only. It is an enterprise level monitoring service that offers many types of monitoring solutions such as server monitoring, website monitoring, network monitoring, application monitoring and others.

5.     100Pulse

100pulse100Pulse is another monitoring service that offers free website, and web server monitoring service for free. The free account allows the customer to run two monitors for free with a monitoring interval of 15 minutes. This monitoring service offers flexible paid plans that fit for a wide range of clients. It has limited monitoring services and does not cover all aspects of monitoring needs such as application transaction monitoring, end user experience monitoring, and plugin monitoring etc. You can get all these monitoring options on other unified monitoring platforms.

6.     Anturis

AnturisAnturis is one of the unified monitoring service platforms that offer numerous monitoring solutions on one single unified platform, such as website monitoring, network monitoring, application monitoring, and server monitoring. It offers a free plan that allows the user to create up to 5 monitors with a monitoring frequency of 1 minute. The free monitoring account does not support notifications through SMS. In case of any abnormality is detected, it sends only an email notification to alert the concerned person. The paid plans start from $9.50/month, which is a bit on the higher side. All paid plans support 30-day trial period too.

7.     Uptime Robot

uptime robotUptime Robot offers a free account to monitor your website’s up-time, downtime and performance with a monitoring frequency of 5 minutes and above. The free account of Uptime Robot monitoring service allows a client up to 50 monitors to use. It does not support SMS credits. You will have to purchase SMS credits, if you want to use this feature. Another downside of this monitoring service is that it maintains incident logs for the duration of just 2 months, which is comparatively low. It is not a unified platform to monitor all kinds of IT infrastructure. It supports only network protocols, website monitoring and some other features.  The paid plans start from $5.50/month with 50 monitors and 10 SMS credits.

8.     Site24x7

site24x7Site24x7 monitoring service is a unified monitoring service that also qualifies for an enterprise class monitoring service. It offers a free account (personal) with just 5 monitors from just one geographical location. You cannot get any information about your web environemnt from more than one location. The frequency of monitoring poll supported by the free account is 10 minutes. Only basic monitors are supported in the free account; no advanced monitor is supported in this account. The basic premium plan starts from $4.50/month (annual payment) with a minimum poll frequency of 5 minutes. The advanced monitor is not supported even in the basic plan. To track the performance of the advanced monitors, you will have to purchase costlier plans like standard, business, advanced or other plans.

9.     Service Uptime

Service uptimeService Uptime is a website and network function monitoring service, which supports web page, ping, DNS, POP, SMTP, FTP, MySQL and other monitoring services. It offers a free account that supports only one monitor with a poll frequency of 30 minutes. The free account does not include SMS alerts; so, it is not good for a mission critical website. You will have to purchase credit for SMS alerts. In the free account, the performance is monitored from 10 geographical locations. The Service Uptime monitoring service does not delete your monitoring statistics for your entire monitoring duration; you can configure different types of regular reports, such as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports. The premium plan starts from just $4.95/month with 10 monitors and 3 minute poll frequency. It is not a unified platform for all kinds of monitoring service, such as web applications, mobile apps, end user experience, plugin monitoring and others.

10.      Monitor Scout

MonitorscoutMonitorScout is another good monitoring service that offers free monitoring service to the customers. The free account of this monitoring service supports up to 5 monitors from 5 global locations. It does not support client reporting, passive monitoring and other advanced features in the free account. To use the advanced features, you will have to purchase a premium account that starts from $12.99/month with 50 monitors, which is a bit on the higher side. This monitoring service supports both the active monitoring and the passive monitoring, which is done through MonitorScout API. The free account does not support passive monitoring.

Still, you are not clear about the best fit for you, visit SiteObservers for more details. It offers flexible and competitive pricing for premium services, unified monitoring platform, detailed oriented reporting, root cause analysis, service level agreement, and many other value added features. It is an enterprise class free monitoring service to start with.