Top 10 Mobile Application Development Trends 2015 and Beyond

Mobile commerce, security, cloud capabilities, business intelligence and disruptive technologies would remain the central points of the cruising field of mobile app development in 2015 and beyond.

Mobile application trendsA latest research by Rackspace suggests that more than 66% of the executives and managers feel it very difficult to make IT decisions due to fast changing IT technologies in the marketplace. The IDC research forecasted that more than 25% of the total software related budgets of IT organizations would be dedicated to mobile application development and management by 2017. This study further predicted that there would be four times increase in the mobility optimized enterprise applications by 2016. The enhanced enterprise mobility management EMM will remain the major field where more than 50% of the large organizations would invest considerably by the end of 2015. The security of mobility would gear up quickly with an estimation of over 15% of large organizations would implement it by 2015, as per IDC predictions. In such a volatile technological marketplace, the rich features, and the advanced capabilities would remain focal point for the enterprises as well as for the professional mobile app developers in 2015 and beyond.

The mobile application development industry would put special focus on rich features and the advanced capabilities of mobile apps. In this article, the top 10 trends that will influence the mobile app development are given below with full analysis.

1.   MCommerce Focused

mcommerceA research by eMarketer suggests that more than 80% of the internet users own smart phone. The comparative statistics between mobile apps and mobile web usage suggests that 89% of the users spend time on mobile app, while only 11% spend time on mobile website till the second quarter of 2015. Another research suggests that more than 42% of the online sale was generated through mobile app in 2014, and it is expected to grow tremendously in 2015 and beyond. Goldman Sachs has already predicted the mCommerce market to cross $626 billion by 2018 with a consistent growth in the coming years. Such a huge prospect in mCommerce sector will drive enterprises to create mCommerce focused mobile apps during the year 2015 and beyond. A large number of retail sales related mobile apps will remain the central point in the domain of mobile application development.

2.   Business Oriented

BusinessThe business processes are getting more automated and mobility oriented very fast. People prefer to use their smart phones for different activities such as sales, purchases, entertainment, education, work, games, training, communication and many others. They want those activities to perform through mobile apps. This opens up a new era for the entrepreneurs to develop business oriented applications to cater the increasing demands of customers in all walks of life. IDC research predicts that by 2017, mobile applications would consist of 100% of customer-facing line-of-business LOB role, and 75% of internal-facing role line-of-business applications.

This trend to use business oriented mobile applications will remain another major component of the mobile application development business. A substantial success of business oriented apps in different domains and sectors has already set at attractive tendency for the entrepreneurs.

3.   Wearable Gadget Compatibility

wearableAfter the successful launch of Apple smart watch and Google glass have already pave the way for great scope of wearable technologies integrated with the mobile apps. Other than these two well known products, a large number of wearable products are already in the market such as head-gears, jewellery, e-textile and many others. According to IDTECHEX research, the current market value of wearable gadgets in 2015 is over $20 billion, which is expected to cross $70 billion mark by 2025. This growth will encompass all fields of industries especially in telecom, medicine, manufacturing and the automation industries.

Due to such a high potential in the wearable product market, developers and the entrepreneurs will mainly focus on the wearable gadget compatible mobile apps in 2015 and in many years to come.

4.   Security Enhancement

SecurityGartner’s forecast estimates more 75% of mobile applications will face serious security tests from the hackers. The behavior of the hackers will become even more sophisticated and very seriously exploiting to steal the valuable data, and information from the mobile applications. This will compel the application developers to develop more secure and robust mobile applications to cope with the serious security threats posed by the hackers. The lack of powerful security features in many mobile applications has already led many companies to disastrous business bottom lines in the past. Many mobile applications failed completely or partially due to mobile security problems that is a clear warning to the developers of new applications to make sure the newly developed apps are fully equipped with robust secure.

5.   Multi-OS Tug-of-war

Multi OSAndroid operating system (OS) and Apple iOS store are two major contenders in the present marketplace of mobile apps. The number of mobile applications of both OS is over 1.5 million each. That doesn’t mean that other operating systems are not competing at all. The major operating systems that are also flexing their muscles in recent years include blackberry, windows, Amazon app and others. The number of the apps in those stores is also increasing consistently. So, the fight of OS compatible application would not be bipolar, but it will remain multi-OS tug of war not only in 2015, but also much beyond that. But, the major dual battle will be between Android and iOS compatible mobile applications in the year 2015.

6.   Cloud Inspired

Cloud appCloud computing environment has opened up new dimensions for an efficient use of computing resources through different business models. A huge surge in the domain of cloud is anticipated in the coming years to cater the demands of different kinds of products and technologies such as wearable devices, mobile devices, business processes, near field communication NFC based integration, and many others. There will remain a huge demand of mobile applications to sync with numerous products/services running from the cloud on multiple platforms. This will keep the developers motivated to create cloud driven applications for many years to come, especially in 2015. To tap the business potential in cloud based mobile application development, many mobile application development platforms, and software tools are aggressively being launched in the marketplace.

7.   In-App Purchase Capability

In app purchaseIn app purchase is one of the most powerful features that is being integrated into the mobile applications. The Juniper Network’s research predicts that the in-app marketing value will cross $7.1 billion mark in 2015. The volume of total in-app purchase is estimated at about $36 billion by 2017, says Gartner’s research. It will be about 48% revenue of the entire mobile app revenue, which is estimated about $77 billion in 2017. The advertisement revenue will cross $10 billion mark by 2017.

In the light of the above exciting figures, it is very clear for the application developers to integrate in-app purchase capabilities in their mobile applications to tap the market potential in their favor.

8.   Data Analysis Capabilities

data analysisThe big data is one of the biggest challenges for the business world nowadays. The volume of data based on IP only will cross 1 Zeta byte by 2016 that is equal to 1000 Exabyte of data. It will keep expanding at a very high rate to reach annual data pile of whopping 2 Zeta bytes in 2019. A substantial volume of data will be created by mobile apps. To process the huge amount of data that will enable the enterprises to make most of the business intelligence hidden in the heap of raw data, very powerful data processing and data reporting mechanism should be integrated in all new mobile applications. The developers of new mobile application will focus on the data analysis capabilities of the mobile applications to better utilize the information related to behavior and activities of online users.

9.   Gaming Capabilities

gaming appsGames have already recorded huge successes on desktops, laptops, gaming consoles and mobile devices. The trend of gaming oriented application will remain another central point of interest for the mobile app developers. NewZoo forecast estimates the mobile gaming application market to cross $30 billion in 2015 and will reach a whopping market of $40.9 billion by 2017. According to eMarketer research report, in the USA only, the growth of mobile gaming revenue is expected to remain at about 16.5% to cross the $3 billion market value in 2015. In the year 2015, the revenue generated by mobile gaming apps will overtake the console gaming revenue. The growth rate is anticipated to remain very high in the next few years.

In such an aggressively growing market, it is very imperative for the enterprises, and application developers to focus on gaming mobile apps in the coming years. The trend of gaming apps and the gaming features in other applications will thrive in many years to come.

10.   HTML5 Focused

HTML5Disruptive technology is one of the most important phenomena in the business world that puts the strategists in a rough patch every time to decide about the best technology for their mobile apps or websites. HTML5 is one of the examples of such new technology that embeds many rich features related to animation and real time content. It is considered as the replacement of flash and other rich media content players. Now, the mobile application developers would like to use the HTML 5 compatible mobile apps to run on hybrid platforms rather than working on just one single platform. So, the HTML 5 will remain another important trend setter in the marketplace of mobile apps in 2015 and beyond.

One of the most important concerns of application developers and entrepreneurs would remain the performance, security and reliability of the applications in many years to come. There are many options available to improve the mobile apps in the marketplace such as mobile app monitoring services, application testing services and mobile app performance monitoring services. To know more about an enterprise level free mobile application monitoring service, click here.