Top 10 Useful Web Analytics Tools for an Industry Grade Web Analysis

An efficient web analytic tool is characterized by the features and capabilities that create value for the web owners to help successfully achieve their desired objectives via deeper insight into the raw data pertaining to web site visitors.

Web analytics imageThe business intelligence (BI) plays an instrumental role in the present day competitive business ecosystem across the globe. Proper business decisions made in the light of modern BI findings can increase ROI of the company to over 1000%, many latest researches suggest. The BI market is expected to cross $114 million by 2018, as per AT Kearney forecast. Meanwhile, the CRM predicted that web analytics market will cross $3.09 billion by 2019. The reasons for increasing market value of web analytics is due to some very good reasons such as, it helps analyze traffic behavior, support for real time data analysis, in page analysis of visitor activities and many others. These factors help businesses to streamline their websites and business strategies with the existing business trends and customer behaviors to achieve the most desired business bottom lines of their respective companies.

There are numerous web analytic tools available in the marketplace that offer industry grade features and capabilities to analyze the behavior of website traffic more specifically. Top 10 useful web analytic tools for SMBs to monitor website traffic are given below:

1.   Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsThe Google analytics tool is one of the most popular web analysis tools in all types of industries, especially in SMB enterprises. A whopping 52% of all websites all over the world use Google Analytics tool for their traffic analysis; that counts for as much as 82.4% of financial market share of web analytics business, as revealed in the W3Techs report. Google Analytics is available in free as well as premium plans for all sized business and corporations to choose from. The major features of this web analytic tool include the professional grade reports and analysis of the visitor’s behavior, and the source from where the visitors are coming from. It helps you make your business decisions very effectively via deeper perspectives on different parameters of traffic behaviors. It is very beneficial for those website owners that use Google Adwords for their marketing strategies. It provides deeper information about visitor activities on your website, their origination, their devices, browsers and many other such things.

2.   KISSmetrics

kissmetricsKISSmetrics is another powerful tool that is used by a large number of websites. As per different researches, about 0.1% of all websites use this useful web analytics tool for the analysis of their website and its traffic. Kissmetrics was launched in 2008 with the headquarters situated in San Francisco, California. It is an intuitive tool with very easy-to-understand interface. It offers numerous types of reports such as funnel report, people searches, A/B test reports and many others. You can export the desired data for a deeper analysis for business intelligence purposes of your business easily. Powerful graphical presentation is another attractive feature of this tool. It is capable to pinpoint the flaws on your website that hinder the business growth. It offers detailed information about every segment with different parameters such as conversion rate, revenue and others. This web analytic tool is available at very affordable prices starting from $200 per month.

3.   MOZ Analytics

MOZ analyticsMOZ analytics is a very powerful tool to track and analyze your marketing efforts via multiple campaigns that you start online for product/service marketing. It provides deep insight into the traffic behavior, sources of traffic and flaws on your website that can repel your visitors from becoming your customers. It also informs you about the activities of your competitors in the market so that you can devise better business strategies to establish a competitive advantage in your company’s favor. It is a comprehensive platform that deals with searches, links, contents, social and brands all at one place. In short, it helps every marketer, and business owner to make powerful marketing strategies for increasing the targeted section of audience, and covert them into customers in an effective way. This tool is available in different plans starting from as low as just $99/month. It offers one month free trial on all plans and offerings. It is highly suitable for online marketers and the web administrators that are managing their own marketing strategies.

4.   ChartBeat

chartbeat web analyticsChartBeat’s market share accounts for about 0.2% of global web analytics market value. It is a real time web analysis tool that provides you with the real time information about behavior of your customers as well as the effectiveness of online content. It is very useful for publishers, news agencies and blogs to get real time information about the content and readers to optimize the best content for interested readers in real time as well as for the future endeavors. This tool is very helpful for marketers, editors and brand advertisers too. The company is headquartered in New York City, United States of America. It offers detailed information at page level of a website in real time environment.  It is also available in mobile application version for better customer experience while at go.

5.   Clicky

Clicky web analyticsClicky is another very powerful and all-in-one comprehensive web analysis tool. In some domains of businesses, it is considered as second to Google Analytics. The market share of this powerful tools accounts for as much as 0.5% of global market with more than 864 thousand websites fully dependent on this web analysis software. It is a real time web analysis tool with many industry grade features that make it one of the powerful tools of the kind. The major features of this web analytic tool include real time monitoring, detail oriented information, individual visitor data record, and support for up-time monitoring, on-site analysis and heat-maps all in real time. It is very simple and easy-to-use tool with an intuitive interface. This tool is available as a free as well as paid plans. You can also get a custom quote for your specific business requirements. The paid plans start from just $9.99/month with all basic and some advanced features.

6.   Woopra

Woopra web analyticsWoopra is a real-time data analysis tool for websites that support customized notifications, up-time monitoring of website, and many kinds of data driven web content. It was launched in 2008 at San Francisco, California. Currently, it is being used by over 0.1% of global websites. You can also customize funnels, segmentation, retention parameters and much more. It supports the integration with other platforms, and mobile applications without any changes in codes at all. This software is perfectly matching for all kinds of businesses and industries such as travel, e-commerce, SaaS, banking, finance, gaming, mobile apps, and many others. Woopra offers numerous plans and solutions based on a wide range of industries. The basic plan of Woopra is free, and the paid plan starts from as low as just $79.95/month. You can get a custom quote for enterprise solution based on your company requirements.

7.   Crazy Egg

Crazy egg web analyticsCrazy Egg is a great web analysis tool that provides you with the detailed information of the user activities on your website. It was launched in 2008, and the headquarters of the company is located at La Mirada, California. This software is being used by more than 50 thousand clients with a global market share of about 0.8%, as per W3Techs survey. It provides the web administrators with the details of the sources of the traffic that land on your website, and what are those visitors clicking on, and how long do they stay on certain areas of the website. This software is powered by highly featured tools such as heat-map, overlay, scroll-map and others. It speeds up your analysis related to website users, and thus, increase ROI of your business. Crazy Egg is very simple and easy-to-use software to have a deeper perspective on all types of websites. It supports six highly featured types of reports with the graphic presentation of data records. This tool is available in 4 attractive plans starting from $9/month; and every plan of it is powered by 30 days free trial.

8.   GoSquared

GoSquared web analyticsGoSquared web analytic tool specializes in the analysis of users’/customers’ data to find you meaningful information regarding their activities in real time environment. You can establish some meaningful personal relationships with your customers, and users based on the information collected through this powerful tool. This is a comprehensive platform that tracks, analyzes and provides detailed reports on a single unified platform. Your marketing team can establish good relationships with customers based on their interests to increase valuable traffic on your website.

It is very simple and intuitive software, which does not need any kind of training to operate it. Any person with a little knowledge of internet and websites can easily manage this software. It offers free 1000 data points on a monthly basis; you are only charged for additional data points that you use. You can also enjoy 14 days free trial period on all its plans.

9.   Mint

Mint Web AnalyticsMint web analytic tool owns about 0.1% of the global market share. It is very useful and featured web analytic tool to monitor on-premises real time activities of users, customers, referrals and search engines. It provides you with the deeper analysis and detailed oriented reports of the activities performed on your website by the visitors. It provides detailed information about popular pages, searches, types of user agents, speed of website loading, activities of visitors, and the source of traffic that is coming to your website. It offers flat rate of just $30/website/month. You can also upgrade your plan to Mint-2 for just additional 19 dollars. So, it is affordable web analytic tool for all sized businesses.

10.   Piwik

Piwik web analyticsPiwik is an open source web analytic tool that is not only a featured one but also free of charges to download, use and contribute to the code of the platform. At the time this article is written, the number of downloads of this software crossed 2.5 million mark; and the number is counting on a regular basis. According to W3Techs research report, the share of Piwik Web Analytics stands at 1.3% of the global market. Piwik has opened up new era for website monitoring based on an open source license. It is currently used by more than 1 Million websites globally, and number is counting very fast. It supports the mobile applications for both Android and iOS phones. It provides the detailed information about the user activities, and on-page analysis of your website. It has almost similar types of features that are offered by Google Analytics software. It is free to download and use for on-premise services, but will have to pay as much as $65/month for cloud hosted Piwik services. You can also enjoy 30 days free trial on cloud Piwik web analytic services.

The monitoring of your website for the visitor activities is one of the best approach to have deeper perspective on the experience of visitors on your website; but, to make sure your website or application is performing well as per desired criteria or performance levels, you should monitor your website and application via enterprise level monitoring service. To know more about an enterprise level web monitoring and application monitoring service, click here.