Top 5 eCommerce WordPress Plugins

The best eCommerce WordPress Plugins are known by virtue of their shopping features, ease of use, market price and value added capabilities useful for all sized businesses.

All online platforms – one way or the other – are heavily influenced by electronic commerce. No platform can survive in the fiercest ever competitive marketplace without the support of eCommerce features and capabilities. It is a very complex and costly to integrate an independent eCommerce platform with your WordPress website. Thanks to WordPress plug-in developers who made the things easier through the development of eCommerce plug-ins for WordPress platform. There are numerous eCommerce plugins available in the market for free as well as for small monthly charges. I am going to introduce you with the best eCommerce WordPress plugins that have established themselves in the marketplace through their rich eCommerce features, powerful value-added capabilities and competitive price plans.

Five most popular and highly featured WordPress eCommerce plugins are given below.


Woocommerce websiteWooCommerce is one of the most popular and widely used eCommerce plugin in the eCommerce marketplace with over 8.3 million downloads. The market share of this plugin is about more than 24% of all online stores on the internet.  It offers numerous top of the line features that make your eCommerce website one of the best eCommerce sites suitable for both the customers and the vendors. WooCommerce plugin is powered by numerous premium themes to customize your websites according to your business needs. Another important aspect of this powerful eCommerce plugin is that it is available for free. It offers many features related to inventory management, shipping, coupon system, payment methods, and many kinds of reports. You can sell different products through this powerful eCommerce plugin such as digital downloads (software), entertainment items (subscriptions/memberships), and physical products. WooCommerce is very easy to use through intuitive interface both at the front-end and back-end.

WP eCommerce

WP eCommerceWP eCommerce is an easy to use WordPress eCommerce plugin that is free to download and use for your online store. It offers numerous eCommerce features and capabilities such as coupon options, shipping options, inventory management, promotional solutions, numerous payment options, sales and inventory reports and many others. You can also purchase add-ons for many premium eCommerce features of this powerful eCommerce plugin. It has been in the market for over 7 years with more than 0.75 million active installations and over 3 million downloads till now and counting. You can customize your online store through HTML and CSS customization capabilities offered by this plugin. This WordPress plugin supports multiple types of items such as digital downloads, physical items, subscriptions and others.


JigoshopJigoshop is another popular WordPress eCommerce plugin developed by a UK based web agency. It is very easy to use via an intuitive interface powered by over 30 customized and featured premium themes. It is a free plugin to download and use; you can also purchase the advanced eCommerce features and capabilities through add-on options. The major features of JigoShop plugin also include powerful support for SEO, latest marketing tools, and simple inventory management powered by numerous types of reports. It has been downloaded for as many as 0.46 million times and powers thousands of online stores. The free version comes with latest features related to inventory management, data import and export, coupons options, payment options, and featured reports.


Shopp websiteShopp is simple and flexible eCommerce WordPress Plugin used by thousands of online stores. It is a lightweight and an SEO friendly plugin. It offers numerous eCommerce features such as customer accounts, catalog management, multiple images, discounts, payment options, detailed reports and others. This plugin is powered by McAfee security to offer highly secure eCommerce environment for both the customers and the merchants.  The limited version of this plugin is available for free to download and use, but for additional features you need to purchase the pro version of this plugin for $75 per month.

Cart66 Cloud

Cart66 websiteCart66 Cloud is one of the secure and reliable eCommerce WordPress plugin, which is available for $95 per year. It also offers a trial period of 14 days for new customers. It has over 8000 active installs and thousands of downloads to its credit. The paid version of Cart66 Cloud is a complete eCommerce solution that offers all features and capabilities required for a professional level online store. You are not supposed to purchase add-ons or upgrades once you bought Cart Cloud Pro. The major features of this eCommerce plugin include shipping, promotional options, taxes, multiple currencies, order management, discounts and many others. You can sell all types of products such as digital downloads, physical items, memberships, and subscriptions.

All eCommerce WordPress plugins are the fundamental tool to showcase items and generate revenue for online stores or eCommerce website; therefore, it is very imperative to take special care about its health and performance. To keep a close eye on the performance of WordPress eCommerce plugins, you need an enterprise level WordPress plugin monitoring service. To get more information about a free WordPress plugin monitoring service, click here.