Top 5 Factors to Monitor for a High Performance Website

A high performance website should be always up for visitors to access with fast speed from all over the globe at any point of time in a whole day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

Website performance snapshotA high performance website has always been on the top of wish list as well as to-do list of all enterprises and website administrators since the advent of modern of World Wide Web (www) era. A high performance website creates a great experience for the visitors and satisfies the search engine algorithms, and subsequently generates the desired bottom lines of the business. A high performance website is known for many different features such as, instant loading, attractive look, intuitive content, global availability, and value for the customer.

To optimize and make it a high performance website is the first step towards the desired business goals, the second and the important one is to maintain the website as a high performance entity through close monitoring of its performance parameters. This article will discuss about the major factors of a high performance website to monitor for maintaining its performance at high level.

The major factors to monitor through different cloud based monitoring website services are given below.

  • Website Availability
  • Website Response Time
  • Network Speed
  • Peak Hour Performance
  • Global Location Performance

Website Availability

A high performance website is always expected to remain online for 100% of time for round the year. This is one of the most desirable Key Performance Indicators KPI of a website for any website administrator, but it is strictly disapproved to go the availability of the website below 99.9%. The availability of the website impacts very badly on both the reputation and business of the company. It is very critical to monitor the website uptime all the time through best website availability monitoring services available in the marketplace. A better monitoring of website availability helps you achieve the desired KPI by developing the disaster recovery and security related strategies.

Website Response Time

Website response time is the second critical factor that impacts both the user experience and the search engine optimization SEO results. It has been established through different researches that any website that takes more than 2 seconds for the first loading phase called first impression loses more than 40% visitors and any website that has loading time of over 15 seconds has almost no business prospects at all. It is always recommended to monitor the website response time through different cloud based website monitoring services to track the speed of the website at any point of time round the clock. The monitoring of response time will help you make corrective policies and speed improving strategies to keep your website high performing all the way.

Network Speed

If your website is sitting on a network that has very poor performance or network parameters are not up to the mark, your high performance website will go down very soon both in ranking and business. You need to monitor the performance of network parameters such as network latency, network congestion, packet loss, and bandwidth bottlenecking from different geographical locations across the globe. You can do this with the help of some good cloud based network monitoring services to get the real time status of the network parameters from different areas of the globe. If you have details about any kind of network latency, bandwidth congestion or any other issues on the network, you would be in good position to talk to your cloud providers and get the issues corrected.

Peak Hour Performance

A high performance website should be monitored for its capacity to handle the loads of traffic at peak hours. In today’s high tech world, you can choose different cloud hosting strategies to improve your peak hour performance; but for that purpose, you will need to have performance data of your website at the busiest hours of the day. You can get this information through numerous cloud based website performance monitoring services available in the marketplace. The monitoring of website’s peak hour performance gives you details about the incoming traffic volumes, incoming traffic sources, website response time and many other factors through different monitors to strategize your future resources.

Global Location Performance

As we know that online business has gone global irrespective geographical boundaries, especially online service business. The present day prospective customer for any online business may be located geographically anywhere in the world; so, to create a value for global customers, your website should be monitored from different geographical locations of the world. You should opt for some cloud based monitoring services that support performance monitoring from multiple geographical locations.

Your high performance website will maintain the customer satisfaction and sustainable growth of your business, if you monitor the above mentioned factors through professional website monitoring services. To learn more about the best website monitoring services, click here>>