Top 5 Reasons of WordPress Growth

Flexibility, simplicity, rich features,  gigantic library of WordPress plugins and themes powered by a strong support of a large technical community make the WordPress one of the most growing Content Management System CMS in the world.

wordpress logoBlogging has become a very popular source of information and discussion across all types of communities all over the globe during the past decade. WordPress Content Management Platform CMS has established itself as a leader in the development of blogging websites. The current market share of WordPress is around 24% of all websites on the internet. The share of WordPress stands at 60.3% of all websites that use any CMS platforms available in the market.

There are many strong reasons behind this phenomenal achievement in this fiercely competitive environment where many CMS platforms are already in the marketplace. No doubt, visionary leadership, strong developer’s community, powerful features, and flexibility to adjust to the changing blogging landscapes are very fundamental to make it happen. But, I am going to figure out some major factors – other than the above mentioned integral components – that attract the users to significantly use this platform all over the globe.

1.   User Friendly Platform

WordPress platform is considered as the CMS platform of customer choice due to its simplicity, easy-to-install and user friendly interface to interact with the content in multiple formats. It is very simple to use through an intuitive control panel/dashboard. Any new user would feel very comfortable with the admin area as well as with blogs or posts that he/she is interested in. The adding of any new post, news, discussion or any other types of articles is very easy and simple through the user friendly dashboard of this platform. You can easily change the theme of the website to make it more suitable to your personal choice of website design and outlook. It is very simple and easy to add thousands of plugins and themes available to make your website suitable for achieving your business objectives.

2.   Strong Library of Plug-ins

One of the most important reasons for WordPress growth is its huge library of plugins. The number of available plug-ins is over 37 thousand and counting. There is a huge number of plug-ins that is free to download and use without paying anything that makes it even more attractive for SMBs with budget constraints. These plug-ins help make your wordpress website suitable for any kind of commercial use such as eCommerce, marketing, education or others. A large number of eCommerce and marketing plug-ins have been developed to make your wordpress website a powerful online store to sell all kinds of products. These plug-ins help web administrators to customize their websites in terms of security level, flexibility, performance, SEO and other day to day functions.

3.   Powerful Support for eCommerce

Ecommerce is one of the most powerful aspects that have changed the landscapes of blogging and other online activities drastically. Online shopping, online marketing, and SEO are a few very important factors that contribute directly to the concept of ecommerce. WordPress management and its contributors are very well aware of this conception that no CMS can survive without strong support for eCommerce. To make WordPress a powerful platform, many contributors have developed numerous plug-ins related to online shopping, marketing and search engine optimization tools; many of them are available for free that attracts many new customers to this fast growing CMS platform.

4.   Attractive Themes

The background and designs of the website have always been instrumental in attracting and retaining the visitors on the website. To cater this need, WordPress community has developed numerous themes to help design your website in accordance with the technical and aesthetic rules. It is very easy to use any desired theme on your website to orchestrate with the needs of your business. An attractive website always retains many customers, and the proper usages of the SEO factors help attract more visitors to your website.

5.   Flexibility & Reliability

WordPress offers a huge flexibility in terms of security, customization of your website, background themes, website designs and many other factors. A huge library of plug-ins and themes allows WordPress website administrators to choose the custom level of different functions and activities to make their websites fully in synch with their business needs and desired bottom lines. It has been observed that WordPress provides a high level of availability, problem resolution support through forums and many other features that make it one of the most reliable platforms available in the marketplace.

Using the best and most suitable plug-ins especially eCommerce plugins on your website contribute tremendously to your business goals. To keep a close eye on the performance of your WordPress plug-ins, it is highly recommended to use the enterprise level monitoring services to keep your business generating revenue without any technical interruption. To get more information about a free wordpress plug-ins monitoring service click here.